Fred & Wilma

 1. Pre-History

In approximately September of 2019 the whole world went to shit.

See what happened was, a novel coronavirus got let out into the world. People started claiming that chinese people at a market eating bats infected with the disease started the ball rolling. Of course, that was all bullshit.

Because this was supposedly a new disease, it was called a pandemic. This started all sorts of bullshit the populace of the world had to deal with, such as wearing masks. That wasn't the big problem though, the lockdowns were. Business after business closed due to the lockdowns. Barbers were arrested because they refused to lockdown their business. Hospitals built overflow tents for the predicted surge of infected patients. When those didn't arrive the tents were torn down. Then the hospitals fired much of the hospital staff because due to the lockdown no one could be seen. There were no patients, so less staff was needed. Some of the hospital people must have still been there, cause we still heard the icu's were 90% full.  It was all bullshit.

And turns out the damn virus was in fact caused by a bat, but it was a bat named anthony fauci. He gave funding to a lab in wuhan china where they infected bats with this damn disease. And then one of the bats bit a worker there, and he went outside the lab, and that's how it got out to the world.

Here it is late February of 2022. We've been thru lockdowns, maskwearing, and vaccination mandates. If you don't have one you can't go into some places. And society is going to break down soon because of this. It is already starting. People are protesting the mandates. Truckers are having Freedom Convoys. They are correct in doing so, the vaccinations are pure political bullshit.

I'm Fred, and my wife Wilma and I are both retired. Wilma for the longest, maybe 3 years now. I completely 100%  retired June 30 of 2021. Still get calls from some of my customers, and one of the employees who took over my accounts.  The other one quit after 2 months.

I have been kindof sortof prepping since the Y2K debacle.  As that neared, I believed nothing would happen from it, but I saw the wisdom in preparing. So I did, kindof sortof. Then a few years went by and I didn't.

Three years ago I started in more prepping, buying and filling buckets with food and then trying to rotate them out. Problem is me and my wife don't eat that much anymore, and my wife can't eat much of what we have stored because of her health issues.

So I have been slowly giving some of the older stuff to our daughters and refilling it. But now our dilemma is what to fill it with, because of my wifes changing appetite. Oh well, we will figure it out.

We are in a pretty good place at the moment. We purchased a small 600 watt solar system about 3 years ago with numerous deep cycle golf cart batteries. Our goal is to be able to run a few lights, ensure the fridges and freezers can run, and maybe some fans. No way to get enough battery power to run the rooftop a/c unit, though.

In august of 2020 we purchased  6-270 watt solar panels from amazon. Got a pretty good price on them too, compared to recently. Finally got it installed in June of 2021, with 8 more deepcycle golf cart batteries. Problem is the charge controller limits the wattage going into the batteries to 750 watts, so I can't run the appliances I wanted to run. For now.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stole the 2020 presidential election, and that is causing political grief nationwide, and worldwide.  Especially with the vaccine bullshit. Since asshole joe was installed as president, the good ole usofa has been continually going downhill. Here lately the slide has accelerated.

This idiot has rescinded almost all of President Trumps immigration policies, which has resulted in thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens coming to the usofa.  And guess how many of those illegal aliens are being tested for covid? Not one goddamn one of them. Not one. And guess how many of those illegal aliens are being flown and bussed to cities all across america? Every goddamn one of them.

All while americans are being told to vaccinate or lose your job, or you can't enter this store, or you can't attend this school. I tell you what, it's time for some good old fashioned asskickin to happen.

And now afghanistan. And ukraine. asshole joe and the hoe kamala pulled  the usofa out of afghanistan, leaving behind thousands of americans, and they refuse to help the americans get to the airport to be rescued. The whole world is looking at the usofa in disdain. Especially china. russia. iran. Thinking now might be the time to show the usofa who is the real boss of this world. And vlad putin has just invaded ukraine. Wonder if hunter's artwork is stored there.

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