Sunday, July 30, 2023

Digital Currency My Ass

 The CBDCs Are Coming, And The Elite Plan To Use These "Digital Currencies" To Enslave Humanity

TPTB may get this started, but I don't think real americans will go along with it very much. I could be wrong.

Barter. Have they ever heard of that? Flea market get togethers in small towns where everybody knows everybody and everybody knows who the revenooer is.

But they will try to tax that, or shut it down. 

So what's a fella to do. Continue to barter, screw them. Grow your own food. Trade for meat from the local butcher. Don't have a butcher? Become your own.

What is that marine motto? Adapt, improvise, overcome? Good words to follow. Screw Guv'mint.

Well, looks like this bio-lab they found in Fresno County has found nationwide attention.

 "I've Never Seen Anything Like This" - Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City

Except Reedley is not a remote city. It is easily accessible from a number of different routes.

China linked bio lab

One of the articles brought up a good question. How many other of these unknown labs are out there?

I have a different question: How can these pregnancy tests they are making be trusted? How can the covid tests be trusted? How can we trust any of the test that are on store shelves now? Did they have adequate quality control? 

Pee on a stick, get the results. Because the test was contaminated with covid from a mouse, a few days later you catch covid???

Saturday, July 29, 2023

This is what the whole of america should do when confronted with thievery

Swift Frontier Justice: Texas Man Finds Stolen Truck, Kills Thief In Shootout

And of course the thiefs family is whining about it. Saying the thief was the victim.

Bullshit. When you steal somebody's property you are not a victim, you are a thief. And when you shoot at someone you should expect to get shot back.

Karma showed up at their banquet

 Just Stop Oil gets a taste of its own medicine

I don't remember what country it is, but Just Stop Oil are those stupid assholes who glue themselves to the street and slow walk in the cars way to paralyze the city so they can Just Stop Oil!!!

Well, karma showed up when they had a banquet. Watch the video in the article. I think it's appropriate.

Friday, July 28, 2023

It looks like the fix is in

 Sununu shocks CNN host: Trump and Biden will not be on the 2024 ballot

President Trump is the best man for the job. And they know that. But they don't WANT that job to be done. 

They like it the way it is.

If President Trump is not the official nominee, I will not vote for their nominee. I WILL vote for President Trump by writing his name in.

American Bandstand 1969 – I’d Wait A Million Years, The Grass Roots

Here's an oldie for Ex.

Oh Hell. This can't be good either.

 Powder Keg Europe: Wagner Forces and Equipment Massing Near Polish Border – Warsaw and Baltic Countries May Shut the Whole NATO Frontier – New Brigade Is Formed To Fight Russian Military Contractors

Wars and rumors of wars.

Is this the way our world ends? 

Nukes, nukes, everywhere. Ally ally out come in free.

What's a fella to do? Just what I have been doing I guess. Keep stocking up beans bullits and bandaids. And hope like hell these dumb sunzabitches don't actually pull the trigger.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Well, this can't be good---An unlicensed and unpermitted biological lab is shutdown in Reedley Calif.

 Lab operating in Reedley shut down after officials found infectious agents and chemicals

I don't know if this is a huge story, or someone just trying to save a few bucks by not getting a license. Time will tell.

But. They had over 900 lab mice that could catch and transmit covid they were using to test the covid test kits they were making. What is the chance not a single one of those mice escaped??

Reedley is about a one hour drive from my home. The building in the video is an old orange packing house that ran into bad times and shut down about twenty years ago. Or so. 

I used to go by there and try to sell them tower chemical.

If you want to take a pretty drive, take the backroads from fresno to reedley. I used to do that, sure beat the shit out of driving the freeway all the time.

If anything else comes up on this story I will update.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

This is pure bullshit.

 Lowe’s Issues Weak Statement, Rehires Elderly Employee Who Got Punched in the Face Trying to Stop Thieves After Major Backlash

I don't care what anybody says, this is pure bullshit. 

THIS is part of the larger problem facing america today. For too long we have been told Don't do anything to the people stealing our stuff! Stuff can be replaced but people might get HURT!! Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God! People might get hurt! AAAIIIEEE!!!

Some punks tried to steal our car one night and I ran out in my underwear with a 22 rifle. They HAULED ASS away I can tell you! And they got caught. 

But. The high school principal I was acquainted with tried to rip me a new one saying You Could Have Gotten Hurt! You can always buy a new car!

That's the wrong attitude. If we start beating the shit out of people trying to steal our stuff and if the whole country starts doing that, say beating on the antifa and blm faggots then maybe this country wouldn't be in the shape it's in right now.

Maybe if the police didn't stand down during the riots and instead beat the shit out of all those assholes we wouldn't be seeing the type of shit we see in frisco and portland.

Mislabeled Seeds

 Mislabeled Jalapeno Seeds Reach Gardeners Nationwide

I mean, this isn't a huge catastrophe in the grand scheme of things. But still. When you plant a seed you want it to be what you thought you planted.

Imagine my surprise at reaching in to pull a jalapeno for my supper and come back with a wax pepper.

Now wouldn't THAT throw your tail up over your head.

Holy crap. SHTF today. I go plant my garden. All of a sudden I got corn where I planted bush beans. I got pumpkins where I planted crookneck squash. What a start to a good SHTF.

Monday, July 24, 2023

GOP Debate

 RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Reportedly Begs Trump to Participate in ‘Biased’ 2024 GOP Presidential Debate

President Trump should NOT participate in this socalled debate. 

All it will do, in my opinion, is give legitimacy to some of these weakling candidates. 

And the rnc has screwed President Trump every chance they got. Piss on them. I haven't seen one ad from the rnc decrying the bullshit treatment he is getting from this administration and the several states and cities going after him. 

I haven't heard one cry of "FOUL!" about their treatment of the President. So screw the rnc. And the horse they rode in on.

Monday Makes Us Cry


Saturday, July 22, 2023

My last post was CENSORED by blogger.

 Don't know why but immediately upon publishing my last post blogger censored it. No explanation other than "violates community guidelines."

Bullshit. I've posted plenty before. I think what it is, was the post is critical of biden and they don't like that. 

But I've put plenty of those up. So I don't know why. Sent them an email asking why. Maybe they will respond.

Oh! For the luvva Pete!!!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Another Day, Another Diversity Hire. Affirmative Action at Work??

 Against SecDef's Wish, Diversity-Obsessed Biden Picks Woman To Lead Navy

When I was in the navy 1970 to 1976 I had no clue who was in charge of the navy. What's more, I didn't give a good crap who was in charge of the navy. And I don't think very many of our current sailors give a good crap about it right now. They will do what they are told.

If a woman is the best choice for the job, so be it. If a transgender homophobic goat is the best choice for the job, so be it.

But to give it to someone SIMPLY because she is a woman, is the stupidest thing this president has done yet. Well, maybe not THE stupidest, but it is in the top 1000 of stupid things he has done. And I'm here to tell ya he has a LONG list of stupid things he has done.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Holy Shitake Mushrooms!!

 $1.08 BILLION Dollar Powerball Winner

Talk about a life changing event, this would be it.

A lump sum payout will only be 558 million?? Whats up with that? Why do I have to pay taxes on that, it should be taxfree!

Lessee, I've been wanting a newer old pickup. This would definitely pay for one of those. Hell I could have one built if I had that kind of money.

Seriously, why in sam hell should we pay taxes on that, it really Should be tax free. Uncle Sam can go suck one of madonna's hind tits.

Speaking of madonna, you see that meme where it says roseanne is better looking? Kinda funny.

The First Crime Family-----Joe Biden, et al.

 The democrat party has strayed so far from the principles that they used to hold dear. Freedom of speech being one of those. This hearing on the weaponization of government is showing the people what the democrats are. I hope the people are paying attention.

Rosanne Cash - Tennessee Flat Top Box (Official Video)

Hey Ex, check this one out. I don't remember this lady. Guess that means I'm gettin senile.

We're getting soft.

 Regarding the pressure of handshaking, I knew a guy whose normal handshake would crack the bones in your hand. The first time I ever shook his hand he cracked mine. Unintentionally of course. But his grip was the strongest I personally have ever seen.

Old Tires

 I got new tires yesterday. Finally found some I could afford.

Anyway, I asked the guy what they did with the old tires. He said some guy picks them up and disposes of them.

What's dispose of them mean? He had no idea.

An Embarrassment to Humanity


Stone Poneys (Linda Ronstadt) - Different Drum - 1967

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Country Music Television just lost its "woke" mind.

Apparently country music television just pulled a video by a singer named Jason Aldean, a song called Try That in a Small Town.

'Most Contemptible Song Of The Decade': Country Music TV Bans Jason Aldean's "Try That In A Small Town" Video

I watched the video and thought, Yeah so what. He said that stuff, big deal. The song isn't all that good and neither is the video, but pulling it? Grow up fer christ sake. 

You buncha weenies.

Looks like cmt has gone woke. 

Todays Memes


Monday, July 17, 2023

Does this guy know what he's talking about? Or is this just fear porn?

 Store Food While You Still Can, Because 2.4 Billion People Already Do Not Have Enough Food As This New Global Famine Accelerates

The article is absolutely correct when it says food prices have gone up. When was the last time you went shopping? Check out the price of coffee. My local high dollar grocery store was trying to get almost 20 bucks for a 30 oz can of coffe. As you can imagine they are still on the shelf. I have dipped into my stash to make up for it. I opened a can I bought in 2017, been in the freezer all this time. Still tastes good.

Went to dollar general and 20 oz cans were 10 bucks. Still no bueno.

As for food shortages, locally I'm not seeing any. Canned goods, frozen goods, fresh produce all appear to be in relatively good supply. At least where I shop. I do not go to the larger stores. I go to dollar general here in my little burg, and occasionally to the high dollar grocery.

I have noticed at dollar general the cooler section where milk and frozen goods are that several of those shelves are empty, and have been for some time. But the rest of the store shelves are fully stocked. At least that is how it appears to me.

The high dollar grocery will surprise me and have regular prices on stuff. Couple weeks ago I walked in and they had a shelf of 28 fl oz gatorade for 88 cents each. So I stocked up.

Went in a couple days later to get more and it was 1.25 each. So I got 8 of them. Next day I go in to take advantage and they were 2 for 3 bucks. Which is still less than dollar general at that time they wanted 1.70 for 28 fl oz.

Anyway. Are you guys seeing any shortages??

Monday Memes


Sunday, July 16, 2023

This pic is from Nextdoor app email.

 How stupid are we humans getting?is it the drugs ?or what? This neon sign is posted on Goldenstate and American ave .. stating u can’t make a right turn while the train is passing !!! LMAO .😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it only turns on when the train is passing !!😎😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂


MaCoys - Hang on sloopy.mpg

Here's a little somethin for ExTexan. He's working on shelves. In this heat? Sheesh!

Everybodys getting into the heat thing.

If I didn't have air conditioning I would forking suffer. This warning is from the people at the Nextdoor app thingy.


High temps spark excessive heat warning.
The heat is on, neighbors. Scorching temperatures are expected to grip the area from 11 a.m. this morning until 8 p.m. Monday evening. Keep your cool by limiting outdoor activity and drinking plenty of water. Older adults and young children are most at risk for heat-related illnesses. Most of Central California will likely experience high temperatures 112 to 117 degrees in the Kern County desert. What it means for you: - Maximum temperatures 108 to 113 degrees in the San Joaquin Valley and Coastal Range. - High temperatures 104 to 109 degrees in the Lower Sierra foothills, Yosemite Valley, and Kern River Valley - Dangerous heat will result in a major to extreme risk for heat-related illnesses for much of the population, especially those who are heat sensitive and those without effective cooling and/or adequate hydration (Data via the National Weather Service)

This pothole is a big deal!


What do you think? Is this guy right? Or is he wrong?

Sent in by Johno.

The United States Could Not Win and Will Not Fight a War Against Russia 

As for me, I don't know what to think. I hope this guy is wrong about not being able to win, but I also hope we never have to find out.

My granddaughters husband is being deployed in the fall, eventual station is apparently Poland.

My grandson is being transferred to Kansas around Christmas and was told possibly going to poland midwinter.

Son of a bitch. 89,000?? troops going over. Check out the map in the article about where our troops are scattered all over the world.

Why in the absolute hell do we have to have so many bases around the world? Are we really the worlds policemen??

Friday, July 14, 2023

A Friday afternoon musical interlude

 Hey Ex. Check this one out:

A Tribute to Hunter Biden--I get high in my ride with my pipe--Cocaine

 “I Was in The West Wing, Lost My 8 Ball Again”

Holy Crap.

 Sent in by Johno.

This is a full service hospital.

Read the comment under the authors name. He's pretty funny.

Flu shots not good for the elderly.

Govt. Study: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly--Potentially Deadly 

When was the last time you had a flu shot? I can't remember that myself.

I think it has been well over 40 years ago? Maybe.

I know my wife quit taking them some years ago. On several different occasions she got very sick after taking the flu shot. Of course the doctors all said that was coincidence.

But she quit getting the flu after she quit taking the flu shot. 

Coincidence? My ass.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Do you like beer? Here's one for ya:

 Ultra-Right Beer Slams Woke Companies in Hilarious Parody Ad (VIDEO)

Kind of a funny advertising campaign. 

I think this is how you beat those sunzabitches, just like this guy is doing.

I don't drink beer anymore, except with a meal, and then only one. I do like a corona or a modelo with enchiladas or some other mexican food.

I went down to the local mexican establishment and got an enchilada plate and a corona. Sorry we don't have corona tonight. Okay gimme a modelo with a cold frosty glass. Sorry no cold frosty glass. 

Well crap, next time I'll bring my own glass.

But I did notice in their cooler there were no Budweiser products at all.

Are you protecting the bidens?

 I'm surprised this question got asked in public.

Asshole fbi director in congress

 fbi director wray weasels out of it in congress testimony

He is a smarmy butthole isn't he?

He showed absolutely no remorse in his testimony. 

He is a sanctimonious brat. Hopefully soon he will meet his comeuppance.

Hot Thursday


Wednesday, July 12, 2023

True Words----You Love America or you're a democrat but you can't do both.


Pretty Good Advertising, but I haven't seen this anywhere.


Have some evening listening pleasure

 In honor of the hopefully soon upcoming festivities, have some Tennessee Ernie Ford for your evening entertainment:

It's a gonna be hot

 Looks like it's gonna be hot for a couple of weeks. Not gonna be good for my tomatoes and potatoes. 

Not gonna be good for anything. I haven't heard anything about any rolling blackouts this summer. Don't know what's going on with that. Usually in the past years when it gets this hot they are crying in their drinks by now about rolling blackouts.

I watered my fruit trees heavily last week when it got hot. Tomorrow I will water them heavily again.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Carruthers stressed that the largest number of people coming across are single men of military age

 Judge Issues Warning to All Americans a Year After Declaring Border Invasion

Single men of military age.

A favorite phrase of some people is "In this day and age." Well, in this day and age "Single men of military age" entering this country illegally should scare the everlovin shit out of you.

This is like the SHTF stories I read. The illegal alien army coming in is the precursor to the SHTF, and our federal government is complicit in the whole affair. 

They aren't coming here to better their way of life, they are coming here to take your life. They are bringing drugs, poisons, explosives, possibly even suitcase nukes. They are mapping out each area in our country identifying all the water supplies, treatment plants, electrical generation and transfer stations, people in each town or area who are sympathetic to the invading army's cause.

This invading army is already here. This invading army is ready to act. This invading army is just waiting on the signal to strike.

And the democrats are urging that to happen. Democrats hate you they hate america they hate freedom.

It is too late to do anything about it. Even if by a miracle of miracles President Trump gets elected this time he won't be able to do anything about it, if he wants to. He is going to be hamstrung by these cocksucking jackals in d.c.

About all we can do is load up on the three B's: Beans, Bullits, and Bandaids.