Sunday, August 27, 2023

Automobile Repair

 Last saturday the 19 of august, my grandson came up and I asked him to help me troubleshoot the a/c blower motor on my dodge dakota. It would not run in the high position, but low medium1 and medium2 would run no problem.

So he got down there in the passenger floorboard and probed the connector and we were getting some strange voltage readings, so he pulled the blower motor resistor out, and he immediately saw a problem. A large wire was burned and corroded and had pulled out of the connector to the resistor.

So he attempted to pull the connector to get a better look but it was firmly attached to the resistor and resisted all attempts to remove it.

So we go to napa auto parts and get a resistor with connector kit, and he attaches the new connector to the wires and now to reinstall the resistor. Except we can't find the damn screws to reinstall it. 

He had handed them to me when he removed them. Don't ask me what the hell I did with them.

We searched for the better part of an hour for those damn things. Drove back to napa and I got some screws but my eyeball gauge for screw size is seriously out of whack cause I got screws about 3 sizes too cottonpickin big.

Spend another fifteen minutes or so looking for the originals. Go into my stash and found some that might work and lo and behold he gets the resistor installed, the blower works and all is right with the world of a/c in my truck.

So fast forward to yesterday.  My daughter is driving my wifes ford explorer.  

The a/c is not blowing cold, and I haven't recharged it in about 4 years. So I am topping off the a/c with freon and I have a light with a magnet on it that I attempted to attach to the hood so I could have 2 hands free. 

Guess what was on the magnet base? 

Those two damn screws for the resistor in my truck. Guess I had laid the light in the floorboard, apparently where I had also laid those 2 screws. You talk about dumbfounded.

After pulling my jaw up off the ground I finished the a/c work on the ford. 

But guess what? The a/c fan only works on high now, so I get to replace another blower motor resistor. 

But at least this time it is accessible from the engine compartment and not the floorboard. If you are interested, here is a link that tells what the procedure for this is

.How to Replace Blower Motor Resistor 1995-2001 Ford Explorer

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

He's gonna get 84 million votes this time I betcha.

 Angry Maui Fire Survivors Let Loose With Middle Fingers and F-Bombs at Joe Biden as Motorcade Passes (Video)

I would like to say that not too many people are this clueless, but I would be wrong. 

Just look at gruesome newsom, nasty pelosi, chuck u. schumer, aoc, and all the rest of them. 

Oh, and don't forget mazy hirono of hawaii itself.

Tuesday Memes

 Holy crap is this meme true. I replaced the radiator in my truck last week. Only took me 3 days to do what I used to do in 3 hours.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

My Sentiments Exactly

 I heard this song on the radio yesterday. And I thought Damn! That's what government should do!

Did you hear them sunzabitches plannin on mask mandates again?

Friday, August 18, 2023

Looks like hillary's still pissed she lost

 Hurricane Hilary live updates: Category 4 storm barrels toward California

Our temperatures here are changing from high 90's/low 100's to high 80's by sunday. I think this hurricane is probably the reason why.

The weather people are calling this a hurricane. For some reason I thought in the pacific that storms were called by a name other than hurricane but I am doggone if I can think of what that name is. And I am not curious enough to research it.

Southern california is maybe gonna get a goodly amount of rain. I hope the people down there are prepared. 

And if we get some rain out of this, I won't be happier than a pig in shit but I will be pretty close to that.

A Meme for Today's Climate


Thursday, August 17, 2023

Apparently Cash is Not Allowed In this Store

 I think this man has the right approach. If they won't take cash, leave it anyway, just be sure to include applicable sales tax.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

I suspect the truth is this: there was too much money on the table for the pharmaceutical-industrial complex to lose. Ivermectin costs pennies.

 This Steams My Clams: Ivermectin Is Suddenly OK for COVID?

I don't eat clams, although I might use them for fishbait.

I am not sure the fda suddenly reversed itself and started saying ivermectin has always been okay to use, but it kinda looks that way.

“FDA is clearly acknowledging that doctors have the authority to prescribe human ivermectin to treat Covid. So they are not interfering with the authority of doctors to prescribe drugs or to practice medicine,” Honold said.

I know of two people who took ivermectin when they had covid, although I do not think it was the horsepaste stuff. And they both said they felt like crap from the covid, and very soon after taking the ivermectin they started feeling better. 

So. Whose body is it anyway? If you can murder little people while they are still in the womb and claim it is mybody mychoice why the hell can't I do the same thing and use ivermectin if I want to?????

Please. Climate Change??? PFFFTT!!! You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet.

Radioactive Fish Discovered Near Fukushima Renews Concerns Over Plans To Dump Nuclear Wastewater Into Ocean 

This. This is why I don't like nuclear power. I don't give a good goddamn what ANYBODY says that this shit is safe. If you say this shit is safe you are an ignoramus.

It's ONLY a few million gallons of highly radioactive waste being let into the pacific ocean. What's the harm???

Remember the movie Godzilla? Maybe we not gonna have something like that happen. Maybe we gonna have a few million square miles of ocean we can no longer fish in.

Saturday Night Groaner

 Did you hear about the democrat who went to the Dr.?

The Dr. said, What seems to be the problem?

Doc, my bottom hurts.

Okay, can you tell specifically where it hurts?

Yes, it hurts right around the entrance, it's very sore.

Okay Mr. Democrat, I think I know what the problem is.

Oh good, please tell me!

Okay, here goes. As long as you keep calling it the entrance, it's always gonna hurt!

Friday, August 11, 2023

Brake Job

 I am exhausted, and my feet hurt. I did too much walking. My son in law came up today and I helped him put brakes on his 2015 ford escape. He did 99% of the work while I bitched, got dizzy a couple times, said ohfuckohshit a couple of times, and just generally made a nuisance of myself. 

The reason for us doing the brake job is the "mechanics" wanted $1200 to do it. What were they going to do for that? They wanted to replace ALL FOUR brake calipers for starters. No idea why, these work just fine. And replace 2 rotors for twice the price the stores want.

It wasn't too awful bad to do after we finally figured out how to compress the rear brake caliper piston.

The pistons nowadays have this turning thingamabob they do, so you can't just put a c-clamp on it and squeeze till it hollers stop. No sirree bob, you first try this special little tool:

The way it's supposed to work is you insert those pins into the holes on the brake caliper piston, push down while turning with a ratchet. And it's supposed to magically retract the piston so you can put it on over new brake pads.

What happens if the magical little cube doesn't fit into the holes on your piston, you ask. Well fuck shit piss I am glad you asked.

Then you find something that will fit into those holes. In our case I had a pair of needle nose pliers that kind of sort of worked. Twist and turn twist and turn but the piston does not compress no matter how hard you press while twisting and turning. 

Then I dug out my small adjustable spanner wrench. That worked great until you go 180°, then it hits the caliper and you have to reposition to the other side, then you have to twist with the needle nose pliers to enable the spanner to fit. I believe that may be where I was saying ohfuckohshitgoddamit a few times. We had about 45 minutes into this first brake caliper and the damn piston was not compressing.

So I had watched a couple of youtubes on this prior to starting, and I got to thinking about those. One guy had a much better tool for the job:
but I had no access to that. Another video I watched a guy used a pair of oil filter removal pliers to squeeze the piston and then he rotated it by grabbing with channel lock pliers and turning it. I don't have oil filter pliers, but I do have a big ass c-clamp, so we put the clamp on the piston, grabbed the piston top with channel lock pliers to turn, then tighten the c-clamp and then turn it again, and we were done in just a couple of minutes. Easy peasy japanesy.

As I said, once we figured that out, it went smoothly, sort of, afterwards.

But damn! My feet hurt.

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