Thursday, December 29, 2022

What a 3rd world country we have become. All because of one little Prick.

Before this socalled pandemic of the covid occurred, winter weather was just that. Winter Weather. It was normal, nobody fainted because of it. The airlines buckled up and got to work, and the airplanes were a little late, but I think MOST of them flew and got you home ontime.

Not now boy. The airlines are in meltdown. I don't know what it is, maybe the covide screwed up everyones psyche. We no longer have the CAN DO attitude that made AMERICA great.

Nobody can do shit anymore without the gov't stepping in to fuck things up even more.


I second that motion!!


Rolling Blackouts

 The New-Normaling of Blackouts

Whoever you are, rich or poor, old or young, republican or democrat asshole, you probably wish to live your life in relative comfort.

And that means having electricity readily available to supply your modern energy needs.

Does it matter WHERE that energy comes from?? To most people, usually the normal people, it does not.

But to many across this once great land of ours, energy derived from the use of fossil fuel is to be scorned and derided. 

And now because of that scorn and derision, rolling blackouts are starting to become a thing. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

We need a committee.

 Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon Claims Victory As January 6 Panel Drops Trump Subpoena

I am not in favor of congressional committees. They never do any good, gather very little information the general public doesn't already know but pays no attention to, and no one is ever held accountable.

However. That being said I would like to see the incoming republicans convene a comittee to investigate each member of the jan. 6th committee debacle. Put the fear of god into them somehow someway. 

Publicly reveal all of their little idisyncracies.

MJT to Bennie Thompson: Mr Thompson have you ever, or ever wanted to, sucked a white dick? Remember you are under oath?

Jordan to Liz Cheney: Miz Cheney, do you shove m and m peanut candy up your ass while extolling the virtues of democracy??


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

AA Battery Test

 This guy does a practical test of which AA battery lasts the longest. 

I was quite surprised about who the winner was.

About 5 minutes in to about 11 minutes he is extolling the virtues of some portable power pack. The rest is about the AA batteries.

Here is the video:

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas to all!

 Tomorrow is Christmas Day. I hope all of my readers here, there, and everywhere have a fantastic Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or whatever you may celebrate at this time of year.

Merry Christmas!!

Hercules Talks about President Trump


Rolling Blackouts on Christmas Eve

 Utilities Impose Rolling Blackouts As US Power Grid In Emergency Amid Cold Blast

Isn't this a buncha crrraaappp??

Everyone wants to get rid of good ole fossil fuel and go to strictly renewable energy sources?? Please. Give me a break.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. 

So this push for using only green energy is stupid at best, dangerous at worst.

A better way to handle things is to use a mixture of all types of energy production. That way if one fails, the others can pick up the slack. Wind, solar by themselves just ain't gonna cut it. Especially in a blizzard.

I have said for a while now each person needs to have some sort of plan to provide emergency electricity for their home. Or some way of riding out the emergency blackouts.

Friday, December 23, 2022

It's more than disgraceful. It's Treasonous!!!

 DISGRACEFUL: Biden Regime Delays Paychecks to National Guard Members for Christmas After Announcing Another $45 Billion Giveaway to Ukraine

I was under the assumption that national guard members were paid by the state they were under. But if this article is correct the federal government is responsible for paying those members???

WHOEVER is responsible for payroll, this is treasonous. Deliberately withholding pay from the guard will severely undermine whatever readiness is available from them. Especially at Christmas!!!

Pure bullshit it is! 

And then now we gonna give what $45 billion to ole zelensky and buttbuddies?? Where did what we already give em go to??? HMMM??

You think ole senile joe and the hoe gonna get 10% or more??

That's a neat trick. One little ole signature and you get HALF of the value of what President Trump has. 

Speaking to Truth


Got Propane Today

 We got a delivery of propane today. And I found out, once again, how unreliable the level gauge on the tank is.

When reading my level gauge, and I assume other tanks are probably the same, I have to bounce the lid on the tank a couple of times to ensure the level gauge is not stuck in one position.

I did the bounce thing, and the gauge shows 32%. Not bad, last friday when I ordered propane it was at 40%, and it has been really cold here lately. At least for us it's cold. For some of you guys we have been having shirtsleeve weather, with nighttime temps in the low 30's and daytime temps in low to mid 50's.

I like to ensure my tank doesn't get lower than 30% before refilling, because I'm a nervous nellie about letting it go lower than that.

So today he fills it up, puts 157 gallons in the tank. When I saw the meter on his truck my eyebrows went up because I was only expecting about 125 gallons. Thats quite a bit more gallons than I thought. 

Anyway he prints out the ticket and I pay him $3.40 gallon for $536 bucks. And this guy I buy from has as low a price as anybody around.

Reading the ticket later I see that he said the tank was at 22% prior to filling. I know damn well that gauge read 32%. So now I don't trust the gauge and have to keep a much closer eye on things.

Around 1983 when I was working on boilers I got an education on propane tank level gauges. The boiler I was working on would not light up for anything, and I found there was no fuel coming to the boiler. 

The customer and I went to his gigantic tank, this thing was 30 or 40 feet long and I had to climb a ladder to get up top. Anyway the gauge showed the tank as being full. So the customer calls the propane people, they come out and check. The guy opens the vent on the tank and guess what? Nothing came out. The propane tank was zero empty, even though the gauge said it was full. I felt like a dumbass cause I didn't check the vent.

Automation is coming to you soon.

 America Launches First Fully Automated McDonald’s in Texas

Even with the poor service available locally at the fast food joints, I would prefer not to have to interact with a machine.

Food Prices

 I drove down to the local high dollar grocery store to get some ham. They didn't have what I was after. But for a change, at their deli they did actually have beef bologna. For $7.99 per pound. And they haven't had any for several months. When they didn't have it, it was advertised at $6.99 per pound. So I got a pound.

Then I went over to the bread aisle to get a loaf of bread. We typically eat Oroweat 100% whole wheat, so I got the last loaf they had. $5.99 per loaf. Which I guess actually the price of that hasn't gone up that much. 14 years ago the price of that Oroweat bread was $4.50 per loaf.

The last item I was after was dog food. My wife buys a brand called Kibbles n bits for the floor pissing dog. They had 3 lb bags of that, but they wanted $9.99 per 3 lb bag. I said the hell with that. At target store a 20 lb bag is about $14 or so.

Directly below the 3 lb bag was a brand called Maintain Chunks, never heard of it. A 16 lb bag was $16.99. I got that and the dog can go hungry if she won't eat it. The floor shittin bastard.

All three items were about $32 I think. Three items. $32.00.

I guess I am showing my age when I tell you that when I was just a wee little shitass, my mom would buy a week to two weeks of groceries for a family of five kids and her and my dad for about $25.00. Granted, that was around 1956 or so. But still.

About all I can say is Fuck you joe biden and all the rest of you damn democrat assholes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Last Minute Things

  7 Last Minute Things Before The Power Goes Out (The Prepper vs ‘Others’)

If the power goes out, I am well prepared.

Yeah, right, famous last words.

Generator fueled up? Maybe.

Generator run? Maybe, with a little work.

Pantry stocked full? Yepsirree bob.

Plenty of condoms? Don't need em. Can't use the thing anyhow.

Got stuff to keep me busy? Yep. Bitchin, moanin, complainin. You know, the normal stuff.

Good Wednesday


Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Tight lugnuts are a problem.

 One time when I was very much younger, say about 10 or 12 years old, my mom and I had to drive to my dads boss house to fill up some buckets with water. Cause the water at our place was out, I don't remember why. We drove thru the dormant fields to get there. On the way back one of the tires blew, so I sprang into action. Jacked up the car, got the tire iron out and loosened the lug nuts. Only the nuts wouldn't loosen. I used my foot on one side and my arms on the other, and the tire iron actually bent. My mom tried to loosen the lugnuts and she had no success either. So an hour or so later my dad and older brother come looking for us. They were able to loosen the lugnuts with no problem. I was embarrassed.

Amazing isn't it?


Sunday, December 18, 2022

We are Doomed.

 How hard can it be? I mean even a retarded 3 year old can take this order.

All I wanted was a sausage mcmuffin with egg combo meal. The kid said, I don't know how to make it a combo meal?

WTF??? Fuck this shit, i came home and had a bowl of cheerios.

Good Morning


Breaking News!!


Saturday, December 17, 2022

Took em long enough.

 Oberlin finally coughs up the cash

I am not sure how I feel about this type of thing.

I am glad the bakery people got their money, which they should have gotten immediately after the first decision was handed out.

But then again, I am glad there is an appeals process which supposedly helps ensure that people don't get railroaded by the courts.

But I think the process should be a little faster. Five years is a bit long don't you think??

I don't think we are ready to fight a war.

 Veterans of Furry Wars: Air Force pledges crackdown on airmen wearing kinky sex toy merch

Add this headline to the list of things I never expected to see in a headline.

Seems to me if our military is to be ready to fight a war at all times that stuff like this would not be tolerated.

Discipline would be the rule of the day. That, and training.

Boy, isn't THAT the truth.


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

How does this work?

 My earlier post about asshat mitch mcconnel was flagged.

I posted the article at 4:29 pm. At 4:30 pm I received an email from flogger that the article was put behind a warning.

Funny how that works.

Almost like it's censorship, huh???

Hey Fuck You Blogger!!!

Apparently someone reported my post about cocaine mitch mcconnel to blogger. Whoever you are send me an email so i can call you the cocksucker you are in private.

 Blogger is full of chickenshit sunzabitch assholes.

Put THAT behind a warning you cocksuckers.

Ever hear of freedom of speech? 

What are you afraid of? Your buttboy mcconnel gonna get mad??

Fuck you.

308 vs 7.62 NATO: Huge Difference On Steel

Why does this asshat think he should be able to control who wins the primaries?

 McConnell Trashes Trump: “Our Ability to Control the Primary Outcome Was Quite Limited in 2022 Because of Support of the Former President” (VIDEO) 

Fusk this asshole sonofabitch.

It is purely because of cocksuckers like mitch that we want someone like President Trump. 

President Trump may be unlikeable to some, but to me he is like manna from heaven. A breath of fresh air.

Unlike mitch who is like a springtime breeze over a pig pen.

We don't want republicrats any longer mitch!!! We want some one who loves this country and wants to keep our freedom as much as we do.

Doom and gloom is still forcast for 2023

 A Wall Street Bank Is Warning That Millions Of Americans Will Lose Their Jobs In 2023

Looks like doom and gloom is still on the horizon for 2023.

Looks like if you gotta job you might want to do your best to keep it.

I think this country is in the middle of a financial collapse. It is going at a slow rate at the moment, but it could always speed up.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Good Evening


Do you remember barack obama's apology tour?

 BREAKING: Biden Official Sam Brinton Out Of A Job After Multiple Alleged Luggage Thefts At Airports

I know it is a long shot, but when SOME conservative gets elected(or re-elected) to the presidency, he should go on national and international tv, radio, internet, newspaper, and carrier pigeon, and loudly proclaim to the world: The United States is profoundly sorry we have been so fucking goddamn stupid as to let our country become this goddamn fucking stupid!!!

How in the hell could we allow this chickenshit asshole to be a member of our government? 

Oh wait, we got pete buttgig too! I forgot about him. Two peas in a pud.

For the luvapete, how about we just hire the best person for the job and not a fairy kleptomaniac??

This is probably true.

 What If I Told You That There Were 600 MILLION Guns In The United States?

That statement is probably true. And the estimate may even be a bit low.

What do you think the average of gun ownership is?

There is what, 330 million citizens in the former usofa. And now there are about 50 million or so illegal aliens.

I postulate that of the 600 million guns, there are only about 100 million gunowners.

How many guns do you own? How about your spouse, your brother your daughter etc????

Some people own one, less than one. And some people own five or six. And some people have significantly more than that.

So on average, I would say 5 or 6 guns per gunowner.

That makes for a hell of an army if even only 1% of them are willing to use them to defend our country.


And the U.S. Supreme Court refused to do what they were supposed to do—the very thing which the Court was designed to do.

 December 11, America’s Other Day of Infamy – When the US Supreme Court Abdicated Its Responsibilities

This is a pretty good argument about what happened to the election in 2020.

Elon Musk is going after Dr. Tony Fauci and the COVID and the suppression and suspension of any Fauci critics. He may need more and better security.


“My Pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci” – Twitter Owner ELON MUSK to Release the Twitter Files on COVID and Dr Fauci

What do you think the chances are of anything coming from ole elon releasing all the facts??

I think hell will freeze over before the DOJ will do a damn thing.

And that includes if the repubs win in 24. I have never understood the repubs reluctance to take the fight to these fuckers.

THAT is what got President Trump elected in 16 and once again elected in 20, even though it was stolen from him.

The repubs know that fighting the democrats tooth and nail is what wins. But only a handful of them do that, and those that do are stymied at every turn by asshoes like cocaine mitch mccain romney  and mccarthy and former paul ryan and others. 


Sunday, December 11, 2022

I am still confused by the pricing of gas.

 My wife and I went for a brief trip into madera about an hour ago. On the trip we saw pricing at various gas stations and I am still confused as hell about how that works.

On hiway 99 and ave 12 is an EZ Trip station, regular 87 octane is priced at 5.05 per gallon.

About 2.5 miles down the road on the way into town is a chevron, selling gas 87 octane at 3.69 per gallon.

Union 76 on the other side is selling about 3.49.

EZ Trip directly across from chevron is selling 87 octane for 3.29 per gallon.

What was it last June?? Gas was over six bucks per gallon in some places, and high fives most others. 

Now it is down from the cheap seats and is pricing at some level we might actually be able to afford? 

Who the hell is manipulating this shit?? Martians??

Sunday Morning Groaners


Friday, December 9, 2022

What do ya do when the police can't stop crime??


With this woke defund police crap things are getting out of control.

I mean when you can't even pump gas without having to worry about getting robbed.

I remember when I was in the navy in the 70's we stopped in at a couple of 3rd world shithole countries. Walking around those places almost every business had a guy with a shotgun standing out front. Don't know about the inside.

But I thought damn, we don't have to do that in the good ole usofa. And at that time we didn't.

But now?

Good Morning


Monday, December 5, 2022

Computers. Can't live without em anymore.


Around 1994 my two daughters approached my wife and I and said that we needed a computer.

My initial response was What's a computer? Then I said, well your mom is pretty good at math, how about that?

Anyway after doing some research we plunked down a couple grand for some kind of computer. Got internet going and we were cool city man.

First thing happened had to take it in for repair, they said we had a virus and wanted umpty squat dollars to fix it. Umpty squat is a lot more than doodly squat.

Got it repaired and got a virus software. And some other software.

One day one of the software quit working and so I called the support number for it. Me and the tech guy go hard at it for about an hour with no joy. Finally he said okay here's what we got to do. Are you next to a window? Yes I am. Okay open it up please. Strange but I did as requested. Okay now what? 

Now, he said, throw the fucking thing out the window!! He couldn't fix it.

If you listen, they will tell you.


You should have taken a boat.


A scam I was unaware of.

 Just received a phone call, from 716 area code. I answered because that's what I do.

There was a slight delay, then I hear a bloop, and someone on the other end comes on line. So it is obviously a computer dialed number.

The girl has a pretty heavy accent. She said hello Grampa, which took me back for a second.

I said who is this? She said this is Brittney?? your favorite granddaughter.

To which I replied I don't know what the hell you're talking about. And then complete silence.

Hello?  Hello? You there granddaughter??

Guess they are off to call greener pastures.

Good morning

I've been this drunk a few times.

Oregon has bad juju going on

 Oregon gun control measure already backfiring

I am confused. This "law" is clearly a direct violation of the 2nd amendment of the united states constitution.

Why hasn't some judge somewhere already placed an injunction on this law to stop its implementation.

I have stated before and I will state again that the only way ANY gun control law can be made is to amend the united states constitution.

NO entity has the authority to make gun control laws. That includes the people who vote on referendums; also local, state and federal government. 

ANY gun control law has to go through our United States Constitution. It is the supreme law of the land, and no laws supersede this document.

All states when they entered our union declared an oath to obey and honor this Constitution.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

A couple of electrical substations got shot up in Moore County, N.C.

 Vandalism suspected in outage that left thousands without power in Moore County

‘Intentional vandalism’ reason for mass power outage in Moore County, authorities say

I think the article said about 45,000 people are without electricity. When it is cold as heck in the beginning of winter.

Looks like only 2 substations were shot at. Yes I said shot at.

How many people, how many 30-30 or 30-06 or rule 308 will it take to shutdown the whole state of electricity?

How many illegal aliens of fighting age have come across our southern border? How many of those hate america??

How easy would it be to take out some of the massive electrical transmission line on towers thruout the country? Not too difficult I would think.

Now is the time for you to think about long term alternatives to refrigerate your foods when the grid is down.