Saturday, October 31, 2020

More Halloween Fun


Halloween Fun


Some Halloween GhostBusters For You


 An interesting statistic: A blue whales anus will stretch up to 3 feet or so.

This makes it second in size of assholes to calif gov newom.

Better Slow Down Your Drinkin There Boy!

 Bureaucrats Try Limiting Us to Just One Drink a Day—After Everything They’ve Put Us Through?

 Borrowed From Libertys Torch

An Old One but A Good One

1970 Dodge Challenger RT Commercial

Friday, October 30, 2020

And This One Too


I'll Probly Go to Hell for This


What the Heck Did He Say?

Great Article

 I was at A Nod to the Gods and started reading an article there called The Gathering Storm. There was a link to the entire article and it goes to Ace of Spades

Here is an excerpt:

What happens after November 3rd (ish) will truly be an absolute crossroads in the life of this nation going forward every bit as crucial as April 19th, 1775, April 12th, 1861, December 7th, 1941 and September 11th, 2001. It took almost 100 years but the government, society and all the institutions and norms associated with it that despite our differences were supposed to keep us unified have been so thoroughly compromised and corrupted, whether for ideological or personal gain (or both), that we are at the point of collapse. 12 years ago, Barack Obama's election was seen as progressivism's final victory over what that movement's followers viewed as a deeply flawed if not completely illegitimate nation. But we the people did not go quietly into that good night. The overt pillaging and persecution of the American people by him and his fellow Democrats and the feckless, useless and ultimately collaborationist GOP-e engendered a reaction: Donald J. Trump.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Vitamin D Supplements

 I have a question about supplements that I hope some of the medical people out there may be able to answer. Cederq, are you there?

How much supplements is too much to take?

For context, a local radio talk show host was talking today about covid and what he is doing to try and stave it off. He takes the following supplements daily: 10000 units of vitamin D, zinc 50 units? mg? in the AM and 50 in the PM, 500 mg of vitamin c AM and 500 in PM. 

He takes 2-10 mg daily of famotidine, an ingredient in pepcid.  Also he takes a couple capfuls of elderberry a day.

My wife and I take an elderberry gummy and a vitamin c gummy every night. 

Just wondering if taking all of that stuff is okay, or maybe a little too much to be taking???

If anyone has an opinion please share it.

Sen. Ted Cruz to Twitter CEO: "Mr Dorsey, who the hell elected you...?"

Monday, October 26, 2020

They Aren't Very Good but They are Darn Enthusiastic!

He Did It

 Well, President Trump has done it. He has successfully placed another judge on the supreme court.

Sometime this evening the United States senate voted 52-48 to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. (I hope the assholes on the other side got high blood pressure during the vote.)

And just now, on Fox News, I watched Justice Clarence Thomas swear her in. 

Now we can only hope that she judges cases based on the Constitution as she has said she will do. Would that John Roberts would do the same.

Safe Places to Travel

 According to this travel recommendation map by the CDC, about the only places safe in this world to travel to are the antartic, and I think that is greenland.

COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination

Maybe Things Aren't So Bleak After All

 This happend in Beverly Hills, CALIF. this weekend:

I Really Hate What This World is Coming To Be

 Have you heard of this: First Test Of “Immunity Passports” Taking Place Today

I really really hate what this world has become. Your papers please. Only the word please is a direct order to comply or be shot or worse go to facebook prison. (That was definitely sarcasm.)

The will of people to resist has been trained out of them. People will comply with this without any thought of doing otherwise. Just like the people who watch the nfl and the other sports, they say no harm no foul i'm not paying to watch it.

Got my mags loaded today, and found out i am missing some. Don't know where they got to, but i think they are probably in the same location as my torx screwdrivers, which is who the hell knows?

Friday, October 23, 2020

Democrats Really are Dumber than Hammers

 "How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?!"

What You Should Be Doing the Next 2 Weeks: Elections, China and More

Is Your Name on Their List?

Americans that Donated to a Vulgar, Lying, Draft Dodger and Tax Cheat 220,000 DEAD 

Skunk Spray the Rioters

 Better misery through chemistry

The Dem & Rep Platforms in 3 minutes

I found this over at Liberty's Torch

Bad Joke

 Why didn't the zombie go to school?

Because he felt Rotten!

Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music • TopPop

I was listening to the music player over at Ex's Place and the Doobie Brothers song came on and I thought what the hell I will play one here. So here ya go.

While You're at it why don't you wipe their butts for them??

 Compton Announces Launch Of Privately-Funded Universal Income Program

Gov. Newsom Replaces Orange County Water Board Member Over Desalination Plant

 Down in southern california a company called poseidon water has been trying to build a gigantic saltwater desalination plant. I read an article on that several years ago, and had forgotten all about it. 

Turns out environmentalists and others have been slowrolling the building of the plant. Old gov newsroom here in california appears to be on the take from the company and has removed a water board member who is vocal in his opposition.

I don't know about the cost of desalinating water, but it is certainly more expensive than pumping it from the ground or purifying surface water. Hell, here in california more surface water leaves our state and goes to the ocean in one year than we could use in, what, ten years? I don't know the numbers but we send a metric shitton of water to the ocean every year.

Now they want to desalinate that water, and that will raise water rates to everyone. 

Here is the story.

What Will the Judge Rule?

 CA Assemblymen Kiley and Gallagher Trial on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ‘One-Man Rule’

Leroy Troy - Ghost Chickens In The Sky (June 2012)

Thursday, October 22, 2020

I Am Going Crazy

My wife has an ipad tablet, and she can call other people on that device if they have i-whatever it is stuff.

So I'm sitting here in what passes for my work area, the rear door is over my right shoulder about 2 feet.  My wife is in our living room, about 20 feet or so away. I start hearing a ringing coming from the rear door. I shut off the music i'm listening to and i hear a definite ringing coming from the rear door. So i jump up and run outside, turning on the outside light while doing so, cause i know some asshole gotta be outside my door and i'm gonna pull a jeffery toobin on him and yank his pecker off of his body.

I go out the door and the ringing fades away and then stops. So i'm wandering all over my backyard with my pocket flashlight hunting for this imaginary person. 

Go back inside and ask my wife if she heard the ringing and she said yes she was calling our daughter. The ringing i heard was coming from her ipad.

Now i got a conundrum. Do i yell at her for scaring the shit out of me, or do i turn myself in to an insane asylum?

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


My Financial Worries are Over

 This afternoon my wife took a call on our house phone. I could tell she wasn't able to hear the person on the other end very well. She told them to hang on and handed the phone to me, which is like the deaf leading the deaf. 

The person on the phone said hello, talked english well with a slight asian accent.  Said they were from publishers clearing house, and that my wife had a prize of $3.8 million dollars and a 2020 mercedes. 

I said holy crap, how do i collect that i got lots of bills to pay. I don't want the mercedes but hell, maybe i can sell it to a rich democrat.

The guy kept asking me if this was the first time I had had this call about winning a prize and I kept saying yes.  He recited my address correctly which surprised me. Said can we make an appointment to deliver a cashiers check from publishers clearing house, and i said Hell Yes, get the damn thing over here, I got BILLS to pay. So then he said when is a good time for an appointment.

I told him to bring it over right now. And this is where it went off the rails.

He said, can you pay the registration fee? I said how much? He said $750. I said why do I have to pay a registration fee if I WON the damn money? 

Hello? Hello? Achmed, are you there? Achmed? Hello? Where'd you go with my money dammit?


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

He is the Real Deal.


 From Camping Survival

Washington's War Against Smallpox

In 1775 when George Washington took command of the Continental Army, America was fighting a war on two fronts. One was a battle for independence from the British, the other was a survival against smallpox. Washington knew about this disease firsthand, so he knew it could ravage his army and cripple it before it even began. Back in this time, inoculations were crude and often deadly, but Washington made the decision to inoculate all American troops that had never had smallpox.

The plan, however, worked, and he was able to stave off smallpox during the years-long fight with the British, and in the process instated the first massive, state-funded immunization campaign in American history.

In 1751, George Washington’s brother Lawrence had tuberculosis and they decided to sail to Barbados hoping the warm air would help cure him of it. After only being on the island one day, they had dinner with a wealthy local merchant named Gedney Clarke. Two weeks later, after the gestation period, Washington came down with smallpox. He had actually written in his diary “We went, myself with some reluctance as the smallpox was in his family.” He should have listened to his gut because he was bedridden for weeks, and no diary entry was written for 24 days.

George Washington survived with just a few scars, which was very lucky since some lost their lives or left with hideous scars all over their bodies from the oozing rash. Then in 1775, when George Washington took over the newly formed Continental Army, Boston was under British control, and smallpox was running rampant throughout the city. So Washington’s first order of business was to safeguard his troops from this debilitating outbreak.

He also understood that his American-born soldiers were far more susceptible to the disease than the foreign-born troops they were fighting. That is because smallpox was endemic in England, meaning that a high percentage of British troops had already contracted the disease as children and now carried lifelong immunity. In contrast, relatively few New Englanders and Southerners had ever been exposed to the virus. For example, only 23 percent of North Carolina soldiers who enlisted in 1777 had ever had smallpox.

Since he had a very primitive understanding of contagions and immunities, Washington had to decide between several anti-smallpox schemes, each one having its own significant risks.

The fist was “herd immunity” which is letting people get exposed to the disease naturally and having them acquire immunity. But that carries the risk that you could lose a large amount of your troops to this disease, which could cause Washington to lose the war. The other is trying to immunize his troops in hopes he loses less troops to that than if they get the disease.

You see, immunization in the late 1700’s was very crude and left between 5% and 10% of people dead. It wasn’t actually like it is today. Back then it was actually variolization, which is cutting a small incision in the flesh of the person being inoculated and implanting a thread laced with live pustular matter into the wound. The intent of this was for the person to come down with smallpox, which in this manner was typically a milder case than if they came in contact with it naturally. After this, the person would require a month to recover and need to stay out of the population, since this would expose them to more serious infections.

In July 1775 in Boston, Washington feared that a large-scale inoculation would sideline his troops, or worse, lead to a full-blown epidemic. During the Siege of Boston, Washington opted for a strict quarantine of both sickened soldiers and civilians. Civilians showing smallpox symptoms were held in the town of Brookline, while military cases were sent to a quarantine hospital located at a pond near Cambridge. “No Person is to be allowed to go to a fresh-water pond for fishing or on any other occasion as there may be a danger of introducing the smallpox into the army,” wrote Washington on July 4, 1775, his second official day as general. The quarantine did its job -- isolating the sick long enough for the British to surrender Boston.

Smallpox continued to thrive as new recruits were placed in unsanitary conditions, and they were from different parts of the country where smallpox hadn’t existed quite yet.

The Continental Army in the Battle of Quebec in late 1775 was so ravaged with smallpox they had no option but to retreat. The long march from Canada to New York was worse as smallpox ran through the ranks of soldiers, sickening and killing them off as they went.

There were even talks that the British soldiers were purposefully sickening American troops with smallpox. This biowarfare conspiracy is not without merit but could not be proven either.

By the time America officially declared its independence on July 4, 1776, the effectiveness of quarantine was thrown into doubt and there was no easy way of calculating the risk of a mass inoculation of the beleaguered American troops.

By the winter of 1776, Washington and his troops were in Morristown, New Jersey, a place where smallpox was rampant. It was there, in February 1777 he decided to inoculate his troops.

This would end up to be quite a task, since medical personnel would need to examine each person to determine whether they have previously been contaminated with smallpox, then do the variolation procedure, which had a 5-10% fatality rate, and if they survived that, the one-month recovery process.


Good Morning


Sunday, October 18, 2020


 Have you voted yet? I have not. I will not vote until the day of the election. I have always voted on that day, and I will always vote on that day.

Here in california we have all mail in voting, but I think I can still go to the polls someplace and vote in person. At least I hope so.

If you’re liberal, can’t stand Trump and fathom why people will vote for...

Thursday, October 15, 2020


On the trip I recently took, I drove from calif to NC and back.  On that trip i probably saw a total of 30 political signs. On the way back to calif I saw 2 billboards for biden. One in New Mexico and one in AZ. One was of him in a convertible, and I swear he had a green face, waving at the camera. Sign said Ridin with Biden. Don't remember what the other was.

The other signs I saw were all Trump/Pence signs, banners, billboards. And most of those were in Texas. Rural Texas, I took some backroads. I think I saw one sign in NC maybe. I did see a guy at a gas station in Tenn. wearing a Trump MAGA mask.

Anyway, as political as this year is, i expected to see a lot more signs. The ratio of signs biden to trump, and the ratio of supporters at events biden to trump, lead me to believe President Trump will be re-elected. 

I certainly hope that is the case. But just in case that isn't the case, are you prepared for what may come? I don't know exactly what I mean by that, but I do think it will get sporty.

I Think Somebody Has Hit a Nerve

 HUGE! TWITTER SHUTS DOWN After Tucker Carlson Announces He Will Release NEW HUNTER BIDEN EMAILS on His Show Tonight!

Thank You Young Lady, You Made My Day

 I was driving thru Paso Robles Calif. today coming back to my home in Madera. I stopped at a gas station/convenience store to take a whiz and buy some lunch. For lunch I got a pack of fritos scoops and a large can of frito bean dip with a bottle of pure leaf tea. Not the best but what the hell, I only live once.

Anyway, the young lady pictured below was wearing this mask and I thought it was absolutely awesome, so I asked her if I could take a pic of it and post it on my blog here, and she said okay, so here is the most awesome mask in the world:

I gave her the address of this blog, I hope she sees this.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Ballot Harvesting---If democrats can do it, anyone can

 In 2016 in california the dems pushed thru a law that allows third parties to turn in your ballot for you, if you so desire.  That allowed the democrats to win a shitton of elections that year.

This year the republicans are doing the same thing, and boy is the government pissed off about it.   Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, isn't it?  

The calif gop is placing unofficial ballot drop off boxes in some places and letting people turn in their ballots to them.  Calif government, i.e. attorney asshole general becerra, has sent them a cease and desist letter, telling them to "stop copying me!" just like my kids used to do!

And the calif gop has apparently grown some cojones, cause they are telling calif to shoveit!!!

California GOP says unofficial ballot boxes, which the state ordered removed, are legal under 2016 law