Saturday, May 30, 2020

Update Protestors Run Over

I was at Gateway Pundit reading the articles, and attempting to watch some of the videos on rioting.  All of the videos in each article about rioting don't seem to work. 

Maybe someone is trying to censor those????

She Scrapped his 67 Impala

Oh wow, this female went just a little too far, when she scrapped this guys 1967 Impala.  I had a 1967 Chevy Impala in 1972 or 1973, it was a nice car for the time.

Read the article here

Calif. Gov. Dumass is Really This Stupid

Under the new restrictions, attendance at a protest is limited to 25 percent of the area’s maximum occupancy or capped at 100 attendees, whichever is lower.
The restrictions also say physical distancing of 6 feet between attendees coming from different households will be enforced at all times. Failure to abide by this rule, the department said, “may result in an order to disperse or other enforcement action.”

Jokes from Wired Right

These jokes come from Wired Right Commentary 

Go on over and take a look.


Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn't you say?

Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter
This one I caught in the SGV Tribune the other day and called the Editorial Room and asked who wrote this. It took two or three readings before the editor realized that what he was reading was impossible!!! They put in a correction the next day.
I just couldn't help but send this along. Too funny.
Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says
Really? Ya think?

Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
Now that's taking things a bit far!

Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
What a guy!

Miners Refuse to Work after Death
No-good-for-nothing' lazy so-and-so's!

Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
See if that works any better than a fair trial!

War Dims Hope for Peace
I can see where it might have that effect!

If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last Awhile
Ya think?!

Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
Who would have thought!

Enfield (London) Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
They may be on to something!

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges
You mean there's something stronger than duct tape?

Man Struck By Lightning: Faces Battery Charge
He probably IS the battery charge!

New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
Weren't they fat enough?!

Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
That's what he gets for eating those beans!

Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Do they taste like chicken?

Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
Chainsaw Massacre all over again!

Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Boy, are they tall!

And the winner is....
Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead
Did I read that right?

Now that you've smiled at least once, it's your turn to spread the stupidity and send this to someone you want to bring a smile to (maybe even a chuckle). We all need a good laugh, at least once a day !

Hat tip to old school pal, Paul S., for this humor piece that is just too good to pass up.


A man and a woman who have never met before find themselves in the same sleeping carriage of a train. After the initial embarassment, they both manage to get to sleep; the woman on the top bunk, the man on the lower.

In the middle of the night, the woman leans over and says, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm awfully cold, and I was wondering if you could possibly pass me another blanket."

The man leans out and, with a glint in his eye, says, "I've got a better idea....let's pretend we're married."

"Why not," giggles the woman.

"Good," he replies. "Get your own damn blanket."


A very shy guy goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman sitting at thebar. After an hour of gathering up his courage he finally goes over to her and asks, tentatively, "Um, would you mind if I chatted with you for awhile?"
She responds by yelling, at the top of her lungs, "No, I won't sleep with you tonight!" 

Everyone in the bar is now staring at them.
Naturally, the guy is hopelessly and completely embarrassed and he slinks back to his table.
After a few minutes, the woman walks over to him and apologizes. She smiles at him and says, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. You see, I'm a graduate student in psychology and I'm studying how people respond to embarrassing situations."
To which he responds, at the top of his lungs, "What do you mean $200?"


Hospital regulations require a wheel chair for patients being
discharged. However, while working as a student nurse, I found one elderly gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet, who insisted he didn't need my help to leave the hospital.

After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let me wheel him to the elevator.

On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him.

"I don't know," he said. "She's still upstairs in the bathroom
changing out of her hospital gown."


Two Protestors Get Run Over

I'm sorry, I laughed when I watched this video.  At least two protestors will not wonder anymore if their victims might retaliate.

What an Asshole!

Chief Justice Roberts Sides with Liberals – Refuses California Church Right to Assemble During Pandemic

EMP Preparations

I started into preparing for events that would be quite traumatic to civilization in general back at the Y2K debacle.  I had food, water, medical supplies, I was ready. Then poof, nothing happened.

So I slowed up for a few years on prepping.  I mean, nothing will happen, right?  Then every one started talking about EMP, and I thought what the heck, in for a penny in for a  pound.  So I started reading about emp, and what I read didn't sound any too pleasant. 

So I started actively prepping again, and I think by now I have a good start on things to last  a while in the event of emp. But, I am wondering if emp is even high on the list of things to worry about. 

I know emp could kick us back to the stone ages, but so can this socalled biological pandemic we got right now. If this thing actually kicked off, it could be worse than emp for sure.

The article linked below has some good things to do for any emergency,  including emp.

Here is the link to the article.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Fun Video Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play Yellow Submarine

What a Bunch of BullShit!!!! Canadian police remove ederly couple by force 21/5/2020

Some Good Memes for your Morning

Oh, Whine Whine Whine

'Absolutely no legal authority'

Loud Mufflers

When I was a kid, loud mufflers were the thing to have.  There was nothing better than a car with that deep rumble you could hear from blocks away, dragging main.

It didn't matter if you were rich, poor, popular or just crazy, if you had loud pipes you were cool.  I had a 1960 Ford, I forget which one, but it had muffler problems at all times. And being a farm kid, I didn't have the bucks to fix it. The pipes had as many holes as my moms collander, and the muffler was no better.  It had loud pipes, but it didn't have that cool sound.

So I endured as well as I could. When I joined the navy I got stationed in Bremerton Washington for 6 months, and I bought a 69 Buick GS400.  It was a cool car but it didn't have that sound, so when we went back to Alameda, I took it to a muffler shop and had them install what they called cherry bombs.  
That made that car sound okay. Never did get it to sound exactly the way I wanted.

I had a great uncle we all called J.W.  He was talking about a car he had, and said when he hit the gas that it Bawled like a Bull!
I never had a car that did that, but I have had a few I cried over, as in Why did I ever buy this #%#% thing?

Here is a link to an article at Car Throttle. Neighbors didn't like the loud exhaust.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Realignment Coming to California?? Maybe.

I found the link to this article at The Old Jarhead.

The author seems to think that lots of californians are coming together to get rid of our gallant governor newsom.  I say maybe, but probably not.  We have too many in california who want to suck on the government tit.

Here is the link.

When You Come Home

The  absolute best part of being deployed is coming home.  My son in law came home from Iraq a few days after Christmas 2019.  My grandson came home on leave from Ft. Bragg, NC on 
Dec.21, 2019.

When the ship I was on way back when, in the 1970's, came into port, and it was my turn for liberty, this is how my beautiful wife met me. 

Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guard, whatever they happen to be(and I guess now the Space Force) deserve our many thanks for all that they do.

Thank you all.

For Memorial Day

Who Will Win Vote by Mail Lawsuits

Looks like someone on the R's side has finally grown some testicles.  The Republican National Committee is suing calif. to halt vote by mail for the november election.  I say it's about damn time. That's the way we've done it here for a couple years now.  Hope they sue to stop that damn ballot harvesting crap also. 

The way I see it is, if you can't get your ass to the polls to vote, then you don't vote. Simple as that. Screw a bunch of letting democrats come to your house, fill out your ballot for you and then take it to the elections office. That's one of the reasons this state is full on blue now. We used to be a predominantly red state, all the way up until that asshole schwarzennegger got elected in place of Gray Davis.

Anyway, here is the link to the article.

Oops, Farmer John has Some Positive Covid Tests in LA

I have some Farmer John sausage in my freezer, hope they don't shut the plant down, would hate to run out.

Here is a link to the article.

More Memes

Some Monday Memes

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Calif. Beaches are Reopening

Apparently many of the beaches here in california are reopening for Memorial Day.

I have been lax in my perusing the net because I had not heard that. 

Anyway, here is an article about beach reopenings. 

An Excellent Reason to Drive a 69 GS400

Here is a link to an article about volvo limiting the cars speed to 112 mph.

The article says the EU is imposing a law next year or so limiting speeds of all vehicles. 

Who the hell are these people to tell me how fast I can drive? Screw that. I don't drive fast at all, but jesus aich  christ, what if I need to go 140? I mean, if I am heading home with a buddy full of bullet holes and I start across the bridge in my super hot car, and  some guys start pushing cars across the end to stop me, 112 mph isn't going to cut it.

The above is part of a book called Lights Out. I forget the authors name, but it is an emp scenario. Good book, I recommend it.

But anyway, sometimes government just goes way too far, and I think this is one of those times.

Screw government.