Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
28 Years In the Water Treatment Industry

This is a Big Deal for the U.S.

 BREAKING: Trump Bans U.S. From Doing Business With Those Who Promote ‘Harmful’ Far-Left Critical Race Theory

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday afternoon that he has banned the U.S. government from doing business with people and companies who promote far-left critical race theory, noting that the ideology is “divisive and harmful.”

Press Sec. Triggers Media MELTDOWN When She Reveals Trump’s Plans for Fi...

I Had to Laugh

 A couple of months ago my grandson moved out of his moms house and into his own place. 

He has a full time job, and so he likes his days off when they come up.

I was on the phone with him a few minutes ago, and I had to laugh.

We were ending the conversation when he said "I guess I will go find something to do". So I said if you want you can come up here to my place and hang out with grandma while I am at work. 

And here  is where I laughed. He said if I do that then I have to put pants on!

Oh my gosh. Here I am laughing again.

CDC Switches Again

CDC is switching horses in midstream again, and is removing their statement about covid 19 having airborne transmission capability.

On Monday, federal health officials said the post was a mistake and that it had been released before full editing and clearance was completed. They said the CDC plans to clarify the agency’s thinking, but the agency did not immediately release a statement or revision.

Story is Here.

Product Did Not Work

 As part of my prepping, I purchased a small foldable solar panel to use the sun to recharge items such as my phone, some rechargeable batteries, etc.

Well, this unit i purchased is a brand called Foval Solar Pack. It was $44 plus freight and tax. 

Anyway, it came in today. So I figured what the hell i will give it a try and see how it works.

Well, it does not work worth a shit crap.  

I plugged my android phone into it, set it outside in full sunlight, and in the space of 25 minutes, it had lost 4% of charge. 

Told my wife that, and she laughed like I haven't heard her laugh in years. At me and my bad solar panel.

Oh well, guess i will continue my quest for a recharger unit.

Screaming ACAB while holding your BLM sign - what is that? Take a wild g...



Found This Over at Stilton's Place

 This is from Stilton's Place

Today is My 45th Wedding Anniversary

 I stole this line from Wilder

I walked in and The Mrs. was yelling at the TV: “Don’t go into the church, you moron!” She always gets emotional at our wedding videos.

Maybe the Police in Portland are Making a Point???

 Henry Kirim had ducked out of his Southeast Portland apartment to search his car for a missing bank card when a strange man rushed into his ground-floor unit, closed the door and locked it.

Kirim’s 12-year-old son remained inside.

Intruder with knife, boy being held: No Portland police response for 1 hour, 36 minutes


For When the Rioters Come to Your Town

Mask Wearing Goes to a New Low

 Watch: Man spotted wearing live snake as a mask on city bus

Class ring lost while waterskiing returned 49 years later

 Class ring lost while waterskiing returned 49 years later

I read that article, and it reminded me of a story from one of Pat McManus books.  I looked it up, and the story is in the book 

"Never Sniff a Gift Fish", which brings up all sorts of wonders about the type of presents he received in his life. 

Anyway, here is the story it reminded me of:

Every day weird things happen for which there are no rational explanations. Take, for example, the case of Retch Sweeney’s watch.

Retch and I were trolling on a lake in Canada several years ago and, as he leaned over the side of the boat to net a nice rainbow trout I was bringing in, Retch’s watch came loose from his wrist and fell into the lake. Not only was the watch expensive, but it held great sentimental value: Retch’s wife had given it to him on their twentieth anniversary. It bore the inscription, “To Charley Bombi, for 40 years dedicated service to Acme Sand & Gravel Co.” Retch’s wife is a great one for sentiment.

Five years after Retch lost his watch in the Canadian lake, he and I went on a boat-camping trip on a lake in Montana. It is important to note that there is no waterway connecting the two lakes. After making camp, Retch and I went out to see if we couldn’t hook into one of the monster rainbows reported in the vicinity. Sure enough, as we trolled past the mouth of a stream, Retch’s rod whipped double and a few seconds later a beautiful rainbow was doing aerial gymnastics. We went back to camp and while I started preparing supper, Retch dressed out his fish. Suddenly he let out a great yell. I rushed over to see what had happened.

“Look what I found in this rainbow,” he shouted, holding up a shiny object.

“I can scarcely believe my eyes,” I said. “How could such a thing happen?”

“Beats me,” Retch said. “I’ve never even heard of anybody finding a bottle cap in the stomach of a fish before.”

“Me either,” I said. “Now if it had been the watch you lost in the lake up in Canada, I could understand that. You read in the newspapers all the time about that sort of thing happening.”

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Saturday Morning


Friday Night Fun



 Well. Looks like Ruth Bader has died. Good riddance I say. 

Only, I am of the opinion that this is going to cause the veritable shitstorm of shitstorms. 

Ole Mitch apparently has said he will hold a vote on a new scotus nominee. Not to be outdone lisa bitch murkowski has said she will not vote on a nominee until after the election.

Better get your popcorn while there is still some left. 

Some Pictures of Trees on Fire From the Inside


It's About Damn Time for This!

 President Trump recently signed an executive order telling government agencies they can no longer train their personnel in this critical race theory crap.  The cdc didn't like that and decided to go ahead and do it, but I think that was successfully squashed.

Here is a story from The Federalist that says President Trump has said he will sign another executive order:

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday he would sign a new executive order establishing the “1776 Commission” to promote patriotic education. The commission will counter the revisionist history peddled by leftist efforts like the New York Times’ 1619 Project, which imposes false narratives on America’s students.

Some More Groaners

 Not to be outdone in the stupid groaner joke department, 

our good friend ExTexanWannabe has submitted his entry:

Doctor: have you been taking your memory pills?
Patient: no, I forgot to take them...

"Hello Mrs. Brown. Can Johnny come out and play baseball?
"Now, you children know he has no arms or legs."
"Yeah, we know. We wanna use him for second base".

"Mommy! Mommy! Johnny vomited!"
"Why are you crying?"
"He's getting all the big pieces!"

Johnny was taking Ruth for a ride on his motorcycle.
Ruth fell off.
Johnny rode on, ruthlessly.

Good morning memes


From Eat Gruel Dog: 

For months we’ve been told we should wear masks not so much to protect ourselves as to protect others. Now the head of the CDC is claiming that a mask will protect the wearer better than a vaccine. Does he expect people to believe that?

Most Americans know by now that November 3rd will be nothing other than the start of a hot civil war. The smart ones are planning for it.

 I was reading over at Free North Carolina, a state I am driving to starting Oct 1. Hopefully I will make it there in 4 days. 

While there I followed a link he had to this story: Vote for Trump, Prepare for War

I think the author of that article is correct, and that starting Nov. 3 this country will erupt in violence not seen in this country since the Civil War.

As they say everywhere I am reading these days, Plan Accordingly.

Do It Yourself Off The Grid Solar Power System.

 I am a proponent of off grid solar for at least part of your home, specifically for emergency usage.  I was reading over at M.D. Creekmore and came across his article on Do It Yourself Off The Grid Solar Power System

His basic design is the same one I use for a small emergency system at my home.  Over time, probably decades, I plan to install more solar panel and battery systems to eventually get most of my house on off grid solar. At least that is the plan. But as the saying goes the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. 

This is a Big Deal for the U.S.

  BREAKING: Trump Bans U.S. From Doing Business With Those Who Promote ‘Harmful’ Far-Left Critical Race Theory President Donald Trump announ...