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How this seawater desalination technology will change the world

This sounds interesting, but they are relying on an awful lot of new technology. 

Purifying water from ocean water is always going to be difficult, expensive, time consuming, and is only providing temporary solutions to the worlds water problem.

Here in california one solution to our water problem would be to provide more water storage. But, the assholes in charge won't do that.


You might want to check your flight for Wed. 19 Jan to see if it will be cancelled

 Will this be another Y2K fiasco?

Cell phone companies ATT and Verizon are apparently going to roll out a new 5G phone technology tomorrow Wed. 19 Jan 2022. This has the airlines industries all pissed off.

Airlines say that this new technology will disrupt their gps and altimeters on the planes. They say they are going to cancel thousands of flights.

And of course useless transportation secretary pete butt gig is involved in this fiasco. He is apparently letting his baby suck on his fake tit instead of taking care of business.

If I was a plane hijacking terrorist I would do that tomorrow. How they gonna prove it was you when the altimiter is all screwed up.

More supply chain crap

 Are you as tired of this supply chain disruption crap as I am?

As if there wasn’t enough bad economic news — The War Room opened their first hour on Friday warning viewers of the coming “mother of all supply chain shocks.”

You know what would stop all this supply chain disruption crap? If the whole goddamn world just ignored  this covidrona omicron crap and went back to work! Goddamn if ya get sick ya get sick!!!

25 years ago this covid rona crap wasn't even thought of when my wife got transported by ambulance to the mother of all hospitals. She spent TWO GODDAMN DAYS IN THE FUCKING HALLWAY of the emergency room because the WHOLE GODDAMN HOSPITAL was full of patients and she had to wait for a room. And it wasn't flurona or omicron or none of that shit it was normal everyday crap that happens to people. And it wasn't some pandemic bullshit it was normal everyday crap!!!

So if they would quit quarantining people if they would quit firing unvaccinated workers and then let them come back to work because they are shorthanded and even if they are sick and contagious with flurona covid crap, if the whole world would quit locking down and just live their normal goddamn life, this supply chain shit would take care of itself.

And ole pete butt gig would be out of a damn job.

N95 Masks

 Bottom Line: How to Disinfect N95/KN95 Masks Leaving masks out to dry should disinfect them from COVID-19, SARS, and influenza A in under 48 hours. 72 hours would be even more conservative.

Back at the beginning of all of covid hysteria bullshit I ordered some N95 and N99 masks. I distributed some to my family and we kept some.

We still have all of them because we just never wore masks. When we absolutely had to we wore those little blue paper masks. Like when we went to the doc. And those assholes were fanatically religious in making sure you wore your mask properly. But now, not so much.

Anyway with all the hysteria regarding omicron going on, I think I have noticed a resurgence in the recommendation to use N95 masks.

Along with that I hear tptb say use a new mask daily.

Well just where you supposed to get those new masks? There is a shortage of them again.

So in light of that I found some articles that say these masks can be cleaned and reused.

I linked to one of those articles up top. 

All of them seem to be in agreement though, that the best thing to do is let them air dry for about 3-4 days, then rewear them.

Video shows ‘roaring’ man scare off charging mountain lion near Pyramid Lake

 This guy was taking a stroll at Pyramid Lake near los angeles. By sheer accident he saw he was being stalked by a mountain lion.

This reminds me of a story told to me by a co-worker back in the late 1970's.

John was his name. He said he was in his teens and he and his dad went hunting in some woods. I don't remember where this was at.
He was talking to his dad, and he asked him,"Dad, what do we do if we run into a bear?"
His Dad said, Son, just throw shit at him.
So John said Shit? Where we gonna get that?
Dad says, Don't worry son, just reach back, it'll be there!


Supply Chain

 Me and the lovely Mrs. went to target store this afternoon to stock up on some canned goods and other items for the upcoming conflagration. I fugure to have a barbecue going while rome burns, kinda like nero.

So while there i was looking around to see if there were any empty shelves.

Surprisingly there were very few empty spots anywhere in the grocery store section of target store. 

One other thing that kind of surprised me was the store had no pinto beans. I take that back, I think there were 4 cans of pinto beans. Couldn't find any ranch style beans, no pork and beans, there were plenty of green beans.

Soups were fully stocked. But another surprise there. The cans were $1.79 each, but they were about twice as big as normal. Can't figure that one out.

Folgers classic roast coffee was $7.59 a can. So with prices expected  to rise again soon I bought two cans. I mean, can't go without coffee, amiright???

A Recycled Joke

 A police officer sees a car being driven at a very slow speed on the freeway, so he pulls it over.

It is being driven by a very elderly lady, who is accompanied by 3 other very elderly ladies.

The officer comes up and asks why she is driving so slowly. The elderly lady replies, Officer I am driving the speed limit. To which the officer replies but you were only doing 22 mph!

The lady points to a sign on the hiway that says 22, and the officer says That is the number of the hiway not the speed limit.

Then he sees the other ladies are all visibly shaking, and he asks the driver why that is.

She replies, well we just got off of hiway 115.

How many does it take to make an invading army???

 Biden Admin Unable To Locate 50,000 Migrants Released Into US in 2021

Do you think 50,000 armed foreign nationals could take over this country or severely fuck it up in just a day or so?  I do.

Shit, 50,000 of them marching on dc would be just the ticket for pelosi and schumer. They would have marching bands out to greet them.

Where would they get the guns you ask? From our own government. Remember Fast and Furious, the gun running american government black attorney general of the usa project???

Hell, they probably had all that in place 25 years ago.

Supply chain shortages----Things to look for

 Here is an informative and thought provoking article I read over at The Last Refuge

Link was found at Knuckledraggin

"♦ BACKGROUND – Do you remember, the dairy farmers in 2020 dumping their milk because the commercial side of milk demand (schools, restaurants, bag milk purchasers) was forcibly locked down?   Plastic jugs were in short supply, and the processing side of the equation has a limited amount of operational capacity."

Supply chain shortages are becoming more prevalent everyday, and our dear leader Pete Buttgig has no idea what he is doing about it. 

And thank god he doesn't. Can you imagine the chaos if government becomes even MORE involved in our lives?

Signing Bonus

 The U.S. Army, for the first time, is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly skilled recruits who join for six years

I joined the navy in 1970. My agreement with them at the time was that I joined for 4 years and at the end of four I would extend that enlistment by 2 years with a guaranteed bonus of $3500. At least I think it was that amount, somewhere in that range.

About 1 year before I had to resign up congress said fuck you none of you are getting your bonus. Came time to re-sign up and I said no, they said okay you're going to federal prison. That wasn't exactly what they said, I can't remember that far back. But I do remember that was the impression I was left wiff. So, well shit, in that case I signed. 

Then the whole of the navy that was affected by that filed a class action lawsuit, and about 2 years after I got out, I received my money from the government.

Took about 4 years for the federal gov't to honor their commitment for that paltry sum. Wonder if they're paying cash up front this time?



World Health Organization---“a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

 Suddenly Warns Against Taking Continued COVID Booster Shots

Maybe some of these people are regaining sanity? Or maybe they are trying to cover their asses? So they won't be beaten by the mobs?

Panicked my ass.

 Health care workers are panicked as desperate hospitals ask infected staff to return

I call bullshit on that. They might be relieved to be going back to work, or they might be relieved to have extra hands on the shift, but they are not panicked. The hospital might be desperate.

It is time for everyone to quit being scared of this bullshit, and lets all go back to living our normal lives. Go grocery shopping, go to the movies, go to a party. Wear a mask if you want, get woke poked if you want, but quit living in fear of this disease. Quit letting the government run your life.

I mean jesus h christ, take some personal responsibility. Start taking vitamin c, vitamin d, calcium magnesium and zinc, go get some quercetin. Exercise, eat healthy. And by healthy I mean eat what you want in moderation. Go get a 7th grade health class textbook from Texas in the 1950's and 1960's and it will tell you every thing you need to know about how to stay healthy.

Wash your hands regularly, go outside every day, walk around.

And then, if you get sick, go visit your doctor if you need to. Don't use the emergency room as your personal physician, that isn't what they are for.

Pure Evil

 The whole world has gone crazy

Ronald McDonald House has turned into a joke. Up in canada they are evicting kids with leukemia and their parents who aren't vaccinated. One article I saw called it the woke poke.

There is a video of a father confronting a manager about it and he calls it pure evil. And to me that is exactly what it is.

Manager says what we are trying to do is protect everyone.

Father says no you're not. Vaccinated people can still get and transmit it.

Manager says that's right, so what we're doing is reducing the risk.