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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Chinese kids learn to fire mortars

Primary schools will focus on cultivating love for the country 

I watched the video, and I wonder if this is a 1 day event for the kids or maybe a one week camp. I would be surprised if this was an all year type of training. On the other hand, maybe not so surprised.

But look at us here in the former usofa. What are we doing?

DoD announces new Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

First openly trans US Army officer arrested as ‘Russian spy’

So while the united states is AFRAID to let school children know about rifles and guns in general, china is teaching their kids how to fire mortars at us. China is teaching their kids to love communist china, to love socialism, and to hate america

.US Army Misses Recruiting Goal; Other Services Squeak By

While the other countries are teaching their kids to kill us what are we doing? Hell, we can't teach our kids to hate this country fast enough. And partially because of that we can't reach recruiting goals. And so requirements to enlist are lowered. What happens to our military because of that? 

And why the fuck doesn't our military train every goddamn day? That's what they are there for, is to train and be ready to fight at a moments notice. Fuck this diversity bullshit, teach these kids how to kill a commie for breakfast.

But, instead. The former usofa is PRAISING coast guard swimmers one day, then FORCING them out of service because they are not vaccinated. How many Navy seals were kicked out due to vaccination refusal? How many Marine Recon? How many Rangers, etc?

What the fuck? The asshole administration and democrats in particular, with help from rinos, are deliberately fucking our military in the ass without benefit of lubrication. Why? They hate this country and they hate you. They want to kill you me and your grandmother. And right now china and russia and iran and venezuela and god knows who else are setting that very thing up to happen.

Our economy is going to collapse. If not this year then surely next year. And the military from foreign countries is ready to come in and take us down.  Hell, at LEAST a hundred thousand military age fighters are ALREADY in this country, well armed and angry at america and americans, and are more than ready to kill the Great Satan.

And we teach our kids to fondle drag queen penises. 

5 ways ways to fix an "open ground" UPDATED Video in description!!

I have a small rental house that is chock full of two wire electrical outlets.

This video answers a lot of questions I had. Now I know what to do. 

As the guy in Brave Heart says, "Burn It!!"


Walking back Kamala Harris racist statement.

FEMA head said Ian aid will go to ‘all communities,’ rejecting Harris’ calls for ‘equity’ 

This administration is no stranger to walking back statements from slow joe the installed prez.

Now, the head of FEMA, a WHITE woman, is saying aid will be delivered to communities regardless of their color.

That is refreshing, but she is white, so cue calls for racism in 3,2,1...


We missed salvation by THAT much.


Monday, October 3, 2022

I don't want to move. I like living here.

 Gov. Newsom To Lower Gas-Prices With Gas Tax-Hikes

I imagine this post will be full of foul language, so be forewarned.

Fuck gavin newsom. Fuck joe biden. Fuck all democrats. Fuck all republicans. Fuck everybody.

This is bullshit. Anydamnbody stupid enough to believe taxing the oil companies with windfall taxes will lower gas prices is too stupid to breathe and will fall over dead any second now.

From the article:  Californians are paying a $1.41 federal and state tax markup on $3 bucks of crude.

Average gas price here over 6 a gallon. At the cheap Beacon gas station here in the little burb where I live 87 octane regular is $5.93 gallon.

Fuck joebiden. And especially fuck gavin newsom. That sonofabitch could very well be our next president. The dems have already got the well oiled election stealing machine in motion, and the goddamn stupid fucking republicans are twiddling their thumbs. Placing one thumb in their ass and sucking on the other thumb. Then every minute they switch places with the thumbs. Stupid fucks.

I don't want to move, I like living here. But at this rate I may be forced to move to a lower price state simply to be able to afford to drive my wife to her doctor appointments.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Kamala Harris is a racist


This stupid bitch kneepads harris is a racist of the highest order. Course, all democrats are. Racist that is.

Lookit. This hurricane tore hell across an area that has a bunch of white people, some got money, some don't I guess.

But that don't matter to kneepads. She says we gots to have equity of outcome. So she says federal dollars will be directed to communities of color.

Say what? My broke down white ass ain't good enough to get money to rebuild my brokeass house that racist hurricane knocked down?

The fuck you say. You think those brokedown black people and brokedown brown people worked any goddamn harder to build their shit as white people did???

Fuck you bitch.

Kamala Harris Promises Equity in Hurricane Recovery Resources: ‘Not Everybody Starts Out at the Same Place’ 

Sunday Morning Hello


October 2022 may see everything culminate in one of the most mind-blowing conclusions you’ve ever seen

 MICHIGAN: Trump’s Final Rally Before His Arrest?

If these idiots arrest President Trump, I am not at all sure what will happen.

That may initiate civil war, but I don't think it will. At this point, I don't know if I think anything will.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Almost Evening


Gas is up again.

 Yesterday gas price at valero where I live is $5.95 for 87 octane, beacon is 5.93.

Flying J on highway 99 is at $5.99,

This so called war in ukraine/russia can not be what is causing this.

The goddamn democrats gotta be doing this to force everybody into electric cars.


Friday, September 30, 2022

Ronald Reagan Joke

Did you hear about the guy going camping?

Highway patrol pulls him over, told the guy his car taillights were not working.

The guy gets out of the car, starts screaming and wailing and gnashing his teeth and making quite a scene.

The cop says Hey it isn't that bad! I will just issue a warning and you can get them fixed!

The car driver says You don't understand! The RV I was pulling is gone! 

The day after hurricane Ian 😞

This is kind of an interesting video. The guy is Rainman Ray, he does an auto repair youtube channel.

This video is apparently for yesterday, thursday, after the hurricane ian went by.

Have you stocked up on food water and energy yet??

 The American Brand: Soon To Be The Most Despised

The link is to a blog I have not read before. It is called                  Video Rebel's Blog.

I followed a link to it from Busted Knuckles.

The article is pretty interesting, at least to me.  It talks about a lot of stuff that is happening.





NASA's DART spacecraft crashes into asteroid in first planetary defense ...

Did you guys hear about this? Something like 7 million miles this crew sends a small spaceship and HITS their target?

What is that equivalent to? Maybe a 100 mile successful sniper shot?

Thursday, September 29, 2022

A democrat rang my doorbell.

 My door bell rang earlier. Some lady, I suspect she was in her 80's.

She asked if was Vern, which surprised me, I've never met this woman.

Then she wanted to talk with me about someone running for state senator.

I told her I will not be voting in the midterm elections, as there is no one on the ballot I can morally cast a vote for. 

The particular office she wanted to discuss has a democrat and a democrat vying for that position. Now, if I am to vote, why am I not afforded a choice?

Here in california we have that stupid top two vote getter bullshit is who gets to run. 

Anyway, I explained to her about how democrats are evil people and we had a short  back and forth. Then she left.

I was polite. I did not scream yell and/or cuss, my Dad raised me up to not treat women in that fashion. 

But she definitely knows I don't like democrats. And then she explained to me how republicans are more evil than democrats. I agreed with her they were evil but the republicans don't hold a candle to dems as far as evil goes.

I hope I didn't hurt her feelings too awful bad, but I also wish she hadn't approached me.

Many years ago I told my wife I  wanted to buy 2,000 acres in the middle of the mojave desert. Fence the whole thing like a prison, double fences, concertina wire, dog runs between the fences. 50 cal mounted every 100 yards, about 1000 dobermans to patrol.

Then climb in the middle and stay there. She told me I was crazy.

I am starting to wish that is where I live. Oh well, I can be a grumpy old curmudgeon here as well as there.

Here's a headline I never expected to read.

 US Army's first trans officer and her wife indicted for offering sensitive information to Russia

Why don't trans people just die already?

For the luvofpete, go away and leave us alone.