Thursday, November 30, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, AI, Sucks

 Check out this over at Wendy's Place

There is a video called Slaughterbots there. Take a few minutes to watch it.

Think of the implications of this video. Holy shit, better be careful what you post.

308 Win vs 277 FURY: We Have A PROBLEM!

I am not a gun guy, but I think sticking with a more commonly used round that is readily available is better than a less commonly used round that might not be readily available. Especially with the relative sameness these tests showed.

Another Dream to Make Me Wake Up to Go Pee

If a bean is a bean, what is a Pee? Answer: Relief. 

Before I awakened at the buttcrack of night to go pee, my mind was dreaming a weird dream in an effort to make me get up and go pee.

This particular dream started off with my wife or my mother locking the front door so we could all go to bed.

Then I hear a noise outside and go to investigate. Two guys are by my old green truck and I go to yell at them, but my voice catches and all I do is croak. Then I get my voice back and yell HEY!

The two guys drop down to hide. I notice a guy sitting in a lawnchair in the front yard of the house across the street, talking on a cell phone.

Then a 3 story apartment house magically appears across the street and the two guys by my truck and the guy on the phone all rush to the stairs and go up to the 3rd floor and enter one of the apartments while the guy on the phone is glaring daggers at me.

I go over to my old green truck. The front of the truck is just a blur, but I can see the two have broken out the side window of the camper top and unfastened the top from the truck bed and had it slid about halfway off.

Immediately next to my old green truck is my neighbors lawn, and two guys are mowing the lawn. And in the dream I'm thinking why are they mowing the lawn in the dark?

So I ask them if they saw anything and they say no. So I yell at one guy, and then in my dream he sits down at a folding table that appears, and I am asking him to write his name and phone number down so I can give it to the cops as a witness they can talk to.

But he isn't answering and then the back yard gate opens and a neighbor comes out I recognize as living there some years before. And she says the guys name and I tell him to write it down.

Now here comes the part where my mind wants me to wake up. Across the street in front of the apartment house is a gigantic old oldsmobile sedan. And about a dozen cartel members come out of this apartment, all of them carrrying AR's or AK's, and all of them get into this gigantic old sedan.

And then they all get out and start firing at all of us across the street.

And the people on my side of the street start firing back. Where the heck did they get the guns to do that all of a sudden? But there were only 4 of us before, now about 20 or 30 guns are firing back at the cartel members across the street.

Except me, I don't have a gun. Why the hell not, Dream? So I go running around the front of my truck to get to my house and get my AK to join in. 

But somehow a big concrete porch has materialized in front of my house, and there is a belt fed machine gun set in place and going BOOMBOOMBOOM as fast as it could at the cartel guys across the street.

I'm thinking holy crap and fall flat to the ground and using my elbows to drag me forward under the machine gun fire so I can get to my house to get MY gun. In the dream I'm hoping the cartel guys don't target the machine gun or I'm gonna wind up like smelly holely cheese.

Then I finally wake up to go pee.

Okay, it won't be a big movie in hollywood. But maybe stallone can make this a scene in his next expendables movie.

2:47 AM and I'm Wide Awake

 I'm wide awake and as I was laying there trying to force myself to sleep of course my mind starts wandering.

And I remembered an incident that happened last century. Isn't it weird to be able to say that?

About 2:47 AM one fine morning in the late 80's early 90's I was in a deep heavy sleep. When I was awakened by the sound of a large vehicle screeching to a stop in front of my house. Then a large sound of whoosh as air was released.

Look out my bedroom window and I see a very large firetruck with lots of red flashing lights parked on the street.

Son of a bitch. Now I am very much awake thank you very much.

Throw on some pants and then, barefoot and shirtless I haul ass outside to the firetruck. The firechief is coming out of the truck yelling at me Where's the fire?

My brilliant response was, What fire?

He said, we got a 911 call that said there was a fire in the backyard of the house at this address. I said, MY BACKYARD?

 I turned and went to my side gate and unlocked it and went to my back yard followed by 3 or 4 firefighters and there is no fire in my backyard. WTF?

And then, this voice comes out of my neighbors backyard. It says, Hey guys the fires over here.

Holy crap. The firefighters turned in formation like they had practiced that move all day long, the neighbor opened his gate and we all filed into HIS backyard.

My neighbor's house had a beautiful fireplace/barbecue grill area.

And this jackwagon, at 3AM, was burning a buttload of chinaberries in this fireplace, and that's what this anonymous caller saw.

You see those brown things? I guess those are seeds, and these trees spread about a blue million of these things in the yard. I had two of those in my backyard and took them both out. I used to fill 30 or so 30 gallon garbage bags a week of those things to get rid of them.

And my neighbor decided to burn them in this barbecue at 3 AM. With his 3 year old son out there with him.

When the firechief told me what was going on, I said to him: He's doing this at 3AM? And the chief said yeah. So I went in to try and go back to bed. Then the chief went back next door, and they were there another 30 minutes or so and then left.

You will have to excuse the formatting a couple of paragraphs above. Blogger is going haywire and doing that by itself. Anything I do to try and fix the formatting makes it worse.

Anyway, the firetruck left, I don't know if I went back to bed or not. But it was definitely a weird night.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

I like VDH, but I think he is offbase with this one.

 They’re saying that if a MAGA candidate wins, and they win the House and Senate, they’re cooked because they’re going to get special prosecutors and go after the Biden family like they’ve never gone after anybody.

I declare BS on this.

None of the biden crime family will ever go to jail. They may get investigated, but definitely no punishment will come down.

I don't know the in's and out's or the why's and wherefore's, but I firmly believe they are never going to jail. They are in the club. Until we kill everybody in the club, nobody goes to jail.

Memes for Tuesday


Yes. Thank uncle joe for my low gas prices. 

Friday, November 24, 2023

Black Friday

 This morning I decided to go get a few items from the target store. I needed to mail my property taxes anyway so kill two bugs with one can of spray.

Mailed the bill went to target. Parked way the hell out in the back 40 cause that's where I always park. Only way I get any exercise is by doing that. Paid no attention to the blue million cars in the parking lot.

Get inside get a cart and think, Damn. It's busy today. Walking along I notice EVERY register is open. EVERY register is at least 3 deep in checkouts.

And then it hit me. Today is the day after. Holy Shit what was I thinking!!

Slowly I turned. Step by Step, Inch by Inch I return my cart to the cart center and nonchalantly make my way to the door. Where I proceeded to run like hell to my truck and go the heck home.

What was I thinking?

The Day After Yesterday


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Smog Check Time

 My 1999 Dodge Dakota is up for registration, due Nov. 30. It has to have a Smog Check this year, said in a classic doomsday voice.

So my 1999 vehicle has to have the tailpipe emissions checked, fortunately they won't be checking MY tailpipe emissions. I would definitely fail in that arena.

So anyway, as usual I go looking on the internet to see how many readiness monitors for the OBD II system here in Calif. can be Not Ready and still pass smog so I can get registered. And it looks like things are still as they were a couple years ago:  Smog Tips


The Bureau of Automotive Repairs has reduced the number of allowable incomplete OBD II readiness monitors for both the new BAR-OIS (for 2000 & newer vehicles) and the BAR-97 (1999 & older) smog inspections systems. The new criteria is as follows:

Gasoline vehicles:

- 1996-1999 model year vehicles will be allowed one incomplete readiness/emission monitor

- 2000 and newer model year vehicles will need all emission monitors in READY or COMPLETE status, with the exception of the EVAP monitor. AN incomplete evaporative monitor will not cause a smog check failure. It will be the only monitor allowed to be incomplete on a 2000 & newer vehicle.

Diesel vehicles:

- 1998-2006 model year vehicles are required to have all monitors complete or ready.

- 2007 and newer model year vehicles are allowed only an incomplete exhaust after-treatment system monitor (e.g., particulate filter, NOx/SCR treatment, catalyst, etc.)

So, I have some tips for my truck. One, I went and got a fresh oil change.  This helps because hydrocarbons can be trapped in the engine oil. Some people think that does not help to lower hydrocarbons, but I do. Besides, it was due for a change anyway.

Another thing I do is add 4 cans of Heet in the yellow bottle to my gas tank. This helps to lower emissions because, I think, of the alcohol. 

And another thing I do is drive the vehicle for at least 20 miles at highway speeds. This ensures everything is warmed up to snuff, including the catalytic converter. If the cat isn't working right you will definitely get higher NOX emissions, leading to smog failure heartache.

And my truck passed. All of the emissions readings were well within the norms required by the state. Good for another 2 years. 

Sad, but True, Memes for Today


Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Unexpected Consequences


You ever have one of those unexpected consequences things?

I did last night.

I went to add a piece of wood to my fireplace insert to keep the flames going. I picked up this piece of wood and it felt like a splinter was digging into the base of my bird flipping finger on my left hand. 

It started getting mightily uncomfortable so I transferred the wood to my right hand and immediately a little sucker just like that in the picture fell to the floor. A damn wasp stung me.

Where the hell did it come from. It was just sitting on the wood all that time from when I brought it in the house?

Sheesh. Cold water and neosporin fixed it right up though. 

The wasp died a horrible death I guess cause when it fell to the floor it did not move a muscle. That's what biting me gets ya. Probably afraid of bacterial infection.

When I was 10 years old I was farting around outside, and all of a sudden it felt like I got poleaxed and I fell to the ground. A wasp or something stung me in my right temple and I am here to tell you that cottonpickin flat out HURT!

I farted around a little bit more then I started getting uncomfortable, and my whole body started swelling up. Next thing I know I looked like the pillsbury dough boy. 

My arms were so swelled they stuck out about 45 degrees from my side and my legs the same. I was tremendously uncomfortable. It subsided in a few hours. 

That is an experience I don't care to repeat. 

Saturday, November 18, 2023

A few more pics of my recent visit to my family

 During my recent visit to my family in Levelland, Lubbock, and Ralls, Texas, we had a semi get together at Rudys barbecue joint in Lubbock. After that, my sister and I just kinda drove around for a while, and she took me to this Veterans Memorial in the middle of town.

I had never been there before, and I was quite impressed. Here are a few pics of that. You may need to increase the viewing size of your web browser to get a better look:

Names of Veterans can be memorialized on the bricks:

Here is a view of the small lake they have there:

And last, but not least:

Doin the Job of the Feds is a Full Time Job

 Well, holy shitake mushrooms! The State of Texas is going to do what the federal government is supposed to be doing.

Well Done!

This guy says what we all think.


Memes are late today, been busy with stuff.

 This is how I felt at my last job.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Golly, I just love this.

 ‘Stand your butt up’ and other unusual threats heard in Congress today

I guess I should go on vacation more often if this is what happens.

I love this. Let's set up mud pits and let em all rassle for the tips they get.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

A Few Pics from my Short Vacation

 Ralls, Texas sportsteams are the JackRabbits. This is at their baseball field. Chainsaw carved from a tree. Gotta be at least 15 feet tall.

This is how we roll in Texas:

If you are ever in Lubbock Texas take a few minutes to visit the veterans memorial. The bricks have names of veterans from the area.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Some Pics

 We took a drive yesterday. Visited Lockney, the town I grew up in, not much has changed. They rebuilt the high school from where it burned down a few years ago.

Then we took a drive over to Quitaque Texas. Went to the Caprock Canyon State Park. When I grew up this was private property. Now it's a park. Go figure.

Saw some bison: 

Having a great time. More pics in a day or so.

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