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Friday, January 26, 2024

This is my kind of guy.


Paul Simon - Kodachrome (+lyrics)----Haven't heard this one in a while.

Former FBI Chiefs Sound Alarm in Urgent Memo to Congress: Warning of Imminent Threat from Military-Aged Men Poised for Invasion from Hostile Nations

 They know what is coming.

Bullets. Beans. Battle.

Lawmakers and others are ‘secretly’ plotting a military mutiny if Trump is elected

Mutiny is on the menu should Trump win again.

The link takes you to Delusions of Adequacy, a blog I have linked on the sidebar. Go on over and check it out, I think you will like it.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Warns Biden Administration, Says Seizing Border Areas Would Be ‘A Mistake’

  The Biden Administration has given Texas 24 hours to vacate the Eagle Pass region as the Lonestar State has continued to assert that it has the authority to secure the southern border if Biden will not.

Lt. Gov. of Texas Dan Patrick has issued what appears to me to be a clear warning: Don't Mess With Texas.

The article linked above was written yesterday the 25th. Right now it is the 26th.

Haven't seen or heard any news about this. Of course, though, I was asleep.

I hope Dan Patrick and Abbott are not just blowing smoke at their fellow compatriots, and actually follow thru with their what they are saying.

A Bundy style confrontation between States and the Feds is long overdue in my opinion.

I still believe violence in this country will occur on, or very close to, the november debacle election.

This situation in Texas could bring it about sooner. 

Lots of shitheel democrats want obiden to federalize the Texas national guard. 

Can that happen? If it does, will the guard, and Gov. Abbott, obey?

Check out this link about federalizing the guard:

Court ruling could overturn federal control of the National Guard

Thursday, January 25, 2024

ROAD HOUSE Trailer (2024) Jake Gyllenhaal

Apparently the movie Road House has been remade. Here is the trailer. In a few years when I don't have to pay to see it maybe I will watch it.

States Have a Right to Defend Themselves Against Invasion

Red State Governors Stand with Texas Against Lawless Biden Regime Over Border Crisis 

No one knows what will happen here. I hope abbott will tell the national guard to use force to stop the feds from cutting wire.

Doubt if that happens.

Ole brandon may try to nationalize the national guard. What then?

Will the guard obey? 

If violence does breakout, I suspect many of our fellow countrymen will travel to that place to offer services.

Violence is the only option left. There is no voting our way out of this. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Older Women for the Draft


Listen to this sonofabitch.

 Holy Shit. If you ever had any doubts about rino's being democrat, listen to this audio.

What Could Go Wrong?

 SHOWDOWN: Texas National Guard Responds to Supreme Court Order by Installing More Razor Wire

Good on Texas. 

If the scotus wants to do something meaningful, order potus to defend our southern border. Instead of forcing the states to do the job the feds are supposed to do.

And then, even before the border is shutdown, order all illegal aliens to leave the country. Give em 15 days and then go hunt them down and shoot them. 

Like the dirty mangy dogs they are.

Drinking Tap Water Could Kill You (or Worse)

 Here is this mornings thought provoking article.

The idea of someone contaminating our drinking water has been around for a long time.

Centralized drinking water systems would seem to me to be ripe for terrorism.

Or something else. Like lead maybe? Where was that town that had a big problem with their drinking water system?

This author poses a question I had thought about, oh a long long time ago, then promptly forgot. Thinking tptb had our best drinking water interests at heart.

The area I live in now has several "community wells". But these wells are not chemically treated, so anything thats in the water is what you drink. So no worries about tptb adding stuff, but what about all the stuff that is in there anyway? What do I do about that?

Is using something like a berkey filter enough to clean it all up?

Monday, January 22, 2024

Horrifying my husband with dirty pick-up lines, part 9---This is all about sex.

Do not blame me if you are drinking coffee or soda when you watch this.

What do you think?


This is the truest meme I have ever seen.

 How many dam laws do we need. I say only one. Make it read: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Then jump out of the way as everybody starts screwing each other.

“You Find Out Who I Am Very Soon”

 Illegal Alien Threatens Independent Journalist

Sounds ???? I really don't know what to make of this, but I think this illegal alien just threatened everybody in America.

What do you think?

Asshole biden keeps letting in every unfettered piece of shit from all the piece of shit third world countries, pretty soon one of em is gonna blow the shit out of something.

Can't find the video now but there is one floating around somewhere of a line of illegal aliens traipsing thru our desert clad in military clothing and carrying weapons. Of war no less.

I didn't think he would drop out this soon.

 De Santis Drops Out of Race – Endorses Trump

I expected De Santis to last longer than this. 

I am not sure what will happen now. 

I think the republicrat party does not want Donald Trump as their nominee, but I don't know how they are going to fix it so he won't be.

Will the republicrats nominate jeb at the last minute? Or maybe climate change al gore as their savior?

Or will they bite the bullet and go with the flow and hope the democraps pull off the steal again?

Friday, January 19, 2024

Okay. Back at work.


Your Vehicle Is Spying On You And Sharing That Data

 Today, we live in a giant surveillance prison in which virtually everything that we do is being monitored, tracked, recorded and analyzed. In this day and age, you should just assume that nothing that you do is ever private.

Sent in by Johno while I was away.

We all knew we were being spied upon and categorized daily, and this just brings it to a whole new level.

Credit cards, phones etc. Everybody knows everything about you.

Kind of like that movie Eagle Eye. That's the one where a giant computer controls everything by manipulating people.

This past week I went on a short road trip to Texas and my daughter asked me to share my location with her. Apparently google maps on my android phone allows you to share your location with people you select via an internet link. It also shows if you have stopped at the Ramada Inn in Flagstaff. The next day my daughter sent me a text saying Dad, you need to plug your phone in. 

My response: ???? How would you know that?

Turns out that location thingy also shows the percent power left in your phones battery.

Wow. Just wow. Privacy much??

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Out of Town

 Out of town for a while. It's colder than a well diggers ass here in Lubbock Texas. Polar Vortex my ass. 

More hopefully by Sunday. Stay frosty.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

I like Nancy Mace


Nancy Mace Rips Into Hunter Biden Following His Surprise Appearance  

THIS is how I want any republican representative to represent me.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

You Won't Like Who Comes Next.

 Hell, I don't like who is here now.

Mayorkas Told Lawmakers They Won’t Like ‘Who Comes Next’ if He’s Impeached

Why is something like this a big shock to these people? We all know who these assholes are and what they are doing.

And she is right, this is all by design, intent even.

None of this is about incompetence, these jokers are implementing 100% of their evil plans. Seems pretty competent to me.

Late Morning Memes


Monday, January 8, 2024

Well then, Do Something About It!

 The Constitution was violated. That's just a fact.

Why won't speaker johnson come right out and say the election was stolen?

Nobody in an elected position will. Have the courage to say it, claim it for your own.

In this interview he sounds like he believes that. 

Biden was installed he took the oath of office. But he did not win this election.

Sunday, January 7, 2024



I am impressed.

 I am borrowing my daughters pickup. It is a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 with 5.7 l hemi magnum.

Twice in the past couple of days when I first start it up it has a terrible clicking in the motor. Sounds like it is probably lifters. And it was LOUD. After doing some research it sounds like this is a big problem with these engines. 

After driving a few minutes the clicking decreases significantly. According to research it sounds like oil has finally hit the cams and doing its job. 

It is not a noise coming from the exhaust manifolds, I checked that.

So I reluctantly purchased a can of a product called Seafoam.

According to the label it can be used for everything. I mean this stuff does everything. And when I see claims like that I get leery.

So I followed the directions and poured this stuff into my oil, hoping that it will help quieten the lifters. Then I drove it about 50 miles yesterday, and let it sit overnight.

I went out to start it just now, and I'll be doggone. No lifter noise like I have heard for the last 2 days.

Color me impressed.

More research indicates that if I use a full synthetic motor oil like Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 the lifters will be much much quieter. I will try that as I plan to make a long trip and haul a trailer with this vehicle.

Wish me luck.

Did you hear about this FAFO situation??


 Las Vegas Judge Doubles Down on the Man Who Attacked Her

I don't know who is doing the FA or the FO. All I know is the guy must have run the high hurdles in school. 

At the end it sounds like the guy is saying something but to me it sounds kind of like a barking squirrel whose voice is hoarse.

And watch the judges clerk, he is taking some damn good shots at this guy. Kind of like a human pinata.

Sunday Memes


Saturday, January 6, 2024

Ask me again why I don't fly.

 How Did a Window Blow Out of a Boeing Airliner?

Well hell, this can't be good. Window blows out of an airplane at 16,000 ft. Sucks the shirt right off of a kid.

I am 72 years old and in my life I have only heard of one other incident similar to this and that is the one referenced in the article where part of the fuselage blew off.

But with even only two incidents, I don't fly unless I gotta. 

I might not have been sucked out of that plane, but my shit probably would have. Lord knows my seat would have been full of it.

Good Morning America

Price of Groceries is Too Damn High

 This pic is borrowed from The View from Lady Lake:

I can relate to this meme. I went with my soninlaw on Thursday to take his daughter, my granddaughter, back to college in Phoenix.

We stopped at wally world to get a few groceries for her:

1 case of bottled water, 1 cucumber, 1 onion, 1 bag of apples, and a few other odds and ends. $99 for the lot. 2 bags of groceries, 1 case of water. And no checkers, everything was self checkout.

They had one lady at one station, all she did was yell out what number the next in line was.

We checked out, went to go outside and they had people checking the receipt. 

Jesus H. Christ what a shitshow our country is now.

Todays Truth Memes


Monday, January 1, 2024

Do you need to build a militia to protect your neighborhood??

 Hundreds of Fighting-Age Men Invade Daily at This Sector Alone

Do you need fighting age men to protect your neighborhood? Go to Lukeville Arizona. You can collect hundreds of fighting age males daily there.

Talk to your town leaders. Surely they can pony up some cash to feed house and arm these guys so they can fight for you when the need arises.

Don't Need Police to Handle This

Illinois Father Tracks Down and Shoots Coward Who Brutally Assaulted His Child 

A mans daughter was severely beaten up. Man tracks down the sonofabitch. Shoots him. 

That should be what the whole of America does to people who harm our family. We don't need the police for that.

Listen to this response from some idiot asshole: Most residents KTVI spoke to did not blame the father for defending his daughter. However, local resident Dawn Howard thought the situation could have been handled differently.

“It’s hard to blame a parent. There’s five girls in our family, and I can see all of our dads going after a guy,” Howard said. “But with a gun? No…beat him up; don’t shoot him.”

Piss on beatin him up, use a gun. I don't wanna hurt my hands.

And she said five girls in the family. ALL of our dads??? As in more than one?? 

Tax Changes for 24

New IRS Tax Brackets Take Effect in 2024 – Here’s How the Changes Will Impact You 

I only skimmed the article so I am not sure whats in it.

My takeaway is to get prepared to get screwed by the irs.