Friday, June 30, 2023

It's hot today, so I am lazy.

 I am  staying inside my house. Got all the drapes closed, all the lights off, the air is on, fans are on. 

I'm just chillin. Supposed to get to 106 today. Got the freezer in the garage defrosting. Note to self: when I buy a freezer make sure it has automatic defrost if available.

So I'm sitting on my couch reading a story at Paw Fiction on my phone.

This is a story about government gone bad. The locals have to go and get rid of the femanazi people. So when they get there, the main character throws two skunks into the house to get the femanazis to run outside. And they do.

But this makes me remember. When I was working for the boiler company in the 1980's I was called out to a local chicken ranch to get the hot water boiler started again. It wouldn't run and the poor little chickies were getting cold.

So I'm working away and the ranch manager is talking to me and he starts relaying a story about a skunk getting into a chicken house last summer. Now bear in mind these chicken houses are about a football field long and about 50 feet wide.

So this skunk was leaving mayhem and dead chickens every night.

So this manager stays up with the chickens one night and here comes this skunk out of a hole in the wall. When the skunk sees the human it turns tail back into the wall. I asked the guy what he did then?

He looked at me and said I engaged in Hand to Gland combat. I tore that wall open and went in after the skunk. Couldn't get my body in there but I got enough in to grab that skunk.

I don't remember the story after that, but I do remember laughing my ass off at him. And at the satisfied look on his face as he recounted the exploit.

Do you think any of those america hating bastards in congress will support this?

 Republican Rep. Wesley Hunt Proposes Making July ‘American Pride Month’

If february can be learn to love a black person month, and june can be learn to love a queer month, then by god July can be Learn to Love America month.

This is a concept that is long past due.

Piss on black people who hate america and piss on queers who hate america. You people can go to france and join in the love going on over there.

I don't care who you are, this is funny.


About Time

 This is an interesting video on the 2nd Amendment. If you want to skip the ad about Blackout Coffee go to about 1:15.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Americans used to take care of business, just like this.

 But no more. We have become a nation of wimps who say, Let the law handle it. Well if the law would handle it we wouldn't have to.

Ever hear of tar and feathers? Gettin rode out of town on a rail?


In the 1950's and 1960's the shit we got goin on now wouldn't last more than one day. The people in parades riding bicycles while naked would get those bicycles shoved up their ass and then the whole shebang was buried.

In the town I grew up in, hell the whole state I grew up in, you didn't see depravity like we got now. The people in Texas wouldn't put up with it. It might happen but when the fact came to life, that person wound up dead.

Here in california we didn't used to put up with shit like this. It has only been since the damn democrats have gained control this shit has started happening.

Sent in by John.

Another reason I don't fly

 I don't fly anymore unless I have to. I know, I know, flying is the safest form of travel there is. 

Bullshit. If the engine in your automobile stops what happens? You coast to a stop. If the planes engine stops, what happens? You fall from the sky and die.



 When was the last time you talked to someone in government? Did it go well? 

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

I just want to weaponize my farts


I knew it was too good to last.

 Well. The mild weather I have been experiencing this june is going away. This has been the mildest june I can remember in a few decades.

Starting tomorrow I guess the heat is going up. Tomorrow will be 93 then thursday 99. Todays mild temp of 82 will be fondly remembered.

Friday is scheduled to be 106, saturday and sunday 109 monday104 and then hovers around 100 for a few days.

I have only ran the a/c a couple of days. Looks like it will be on 24/7 for a while and screw the electric bill.

If you don't hear from me it's because I'm in the pool. Oh wait, I don't have a pool. Well crap.

Huh. I didn't know that. Updated.

Ole butt lite must be really into this score thing.

I just had a thought: Isn't this the same thing jesse jackson used to do? Shakedown?

A'int That the Truth


Monday, June 26, 2023

Have you checked the prices of cars lately?

 I am playing around with the idea of selling my two dodge dakota pickups. One is an 03 and the other is a 99. Both are high mileage but in relatively good condition, but both need tires, which is fodder for another pricing post. $1200 out the door for 4 tires??

I am considering purchasing a 96 or older pickup. But jesus h cristo have you checked the prices of ANY kind of vehicle lately?

A 2022 pickup for $72,500!!! 

Who in the hell is gonna pay THAT much for a damn VEHICLE???

And God forbid I want a 72 C10 for $24000!! And that is not an aberration, they are almost all like that.

Here is one that appears to be reasonably priced. Until you see that it is a 1994 year model. Holy crap, a1994??? For that much money??

I guess I should quit whining. But it just pisses me off.

Sorry. Rant over.

I don't look good in a thong


Sunday, June 25, 2023

This Is A Coverup

 He is goddamn right. This is a cover up.

Any republican would be in the stocks by now.

I say we give them special treatment. We can sing a few verses of the pride song while we hang em with a 5/8" hemp rope.

Sunday Morning


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

This country is so screwed


Does that raise any questions to you?

 The democrat controlled media has spent numerous hours detailing President Trumps non-mishandling of supposedly classified documents. But they have not covered sloe joe's ACTUAL mishandling of classified documents AT ALL. ZERO MINUTES of coverage.

Todays Memes


What would you do?

 Johno sent in this one also:

Here is a link to some of the backstory.

What would you do in this situation?

I don't see where the father had any choice. He could have "abducted" the guy from the eff bee eye and taken him out to the swamps and had a good ole teaching session with him.

Which I don't know if that was possible. Or he could do what he did and take out the trash.

I can visualize myself taking the guy to a secluded spot. Fire and hot pokers come to mind.

Be interesting to know mr pedo's political affiliation.

A cure for cancer?

Sent in by John.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Holy crap, that would be a bad day.

 I made a trek to the local ATM today to deposit my paltry state tax refund check.

There was a lady just pulling out, and when she saw me she said that machine just stole about $500 from her. She couldn't get in touch with them by phone, because of this stupidly idiotic juneteenth holiday. The credit union was on holiday.

She was trying to deposit cash. Which makes little sense to me.

Anyway, the machine took her $580 of cash but only gave her credit for $80. 

Last week I went to that machine to withdraw some cash and some guy was there so I waited on him to finish. And waited. And waited some more.

After10 minutes I packed up and went to dollar general just down the street. I was there about 45 minutes.

Drove back to the atm and the guy was still there. Another guy was talking to him. As the second guy was leaving he came over and told me the machine had screwed the first guy on a deposit of three grand in cash.

So I left.

I deposit checks, but not cash. I don't think that machine likes cash.

Hope they get their money back.

Monday is here


Friday, June 16, 2023

A Fictional Story I Recommend For You

 Repacious Creditor

I read a fair amount, and occasionally I come across stories I think some of you might enjoy.

This is one of those stories.

And the website has a whole bunch of other stories if you are so inclined.


Another installment of Way Too Late to Save This Country


The depravity in this country is too widespread to slowdown let alone stop it.

When even the people we elected because we thought they would do what we the people wanted don't censure the bad ones. Serial liar adam schit wasn't censured because 20 socalled good people voted with democrats. THAT is depraved.

This crap with foxnews is just part of it, almost all large corporations are doing this depraved woke gay stuff.

Biden unveils ‘bold plan’ to build a railroad ‘across the Indian Ocean’

Joe Biden is one dumb sonofabitch.


Thursday, June 15, 2023

Nancy Mace tells it like it is.

 “Every Time We Find Evidence of Corruption on Joe Biden, Donald Trump Gets Indicted”

Why? Why do you suppose that is?

As the meme says, They aren't out to get me, they're out to get you. I'm just in their way.

And that is exactly right. Donald Trump is the only one who hasn't toadied to their every whim. While in office he fought FOR the American People.

Remember of the people by the people for the people?

Donald Trump did, and does.

Good Afternoon


Wait. WHAT?

Guy gets accused of racism by his doorbell… Amazon shuts down his smart home… 

Link is found at IOTW Report

To begin, WHY WOULD ANYONE WILLINGLY LET AMAZON HAVE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING IN THEIR HOUSE? Let alone Anything in their house. Do they pay a fee for this?

This is simply beyond my ken. Or barbie for that matter.

Is the people really that stupid, or am I, in my old age alzheimer dementia ridden barely able to use my right hand state that far out of touch. 

No wonder this country is so screwed. 

Instead of having the can do mentality of our forebears, we have the please do this for me democrat jackoffs.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Ole Vivek is on a roll!


It is way too late to save this country.

 Johns Hopkins: maybe women exist, maybe not...we're looking into it

Shit like this keeps popping up and the rate is getting exponential.

We can no longer save this country.

Best we can do is try to keep our family from being this way.

This guy just wants a job.


Well heck. Just when i thought I could start breathing easy.

Blind mystic Baba Vanga makes terrifying nuclear disaster prediction for 2023 

I found the link above at Shenandoah

Holy crapola batgirl!! If even one of that womans predictions for 2023 come true we is in a world of hurt.

For the nuclear plant explosion part i put my money on fukushima.

If two of them come true I haven't prepped enough. 

If she hits the trifecta, it's buh bye baby. We gon go the way of the dinos.

And maybe this is what we need. Cleanse the planet of us stupid homo sapiens and let the roaches and ants duke it out, winner takes all.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Suggestion

 Visibly Angry Ted Cruz Becomes All of Us While Laying Into the Deputy Director of the FBI

The fbi has distinct disdain for americans. They think they they are above the law. As of right now they are above the law, they cannot be held accountable.

Or can they.

If some liberty minded individuals were to arrest, say, the deputy director of the fbi, publicly or privately, and then conveniently forgot where they put him, maybe that would help. 

And a week or so after that arrest director wray, then whoever else is in that chain of command.

It actually doesn't have to be law enforcement, maybe some enlisted army rangers, or marine recon.

But if fbi directors kept disappearing, they probably wouldn't  get the message, but it would be oh so satisfying wouldn't it?

Good Morning Joke


Whaddday think happens now?

 Not a goddamn thing thats what happens now.

Why? Because rules for thee but not for me.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Typical biden bullshit

 Who cares? I do and you should too. This minute little change affected the whole country and no one knew. What other minute changes do we not know about?


 My school didn't, we went across the street behind the school store.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Is it practical?


No One is Below the Law

 Trump Attorney Turns the Tables and Obliterates Sniveling Clinton Crony George Stephanopoulos During Interview on Sham Trump Indictment 

No one will talk about joe bidenski doing the EXACT SAME THING President Trump is accused of. Except joe the schmoe did not have DECLASSIFIED documents like President Trump had.

AND, some of the documents were STOLEN. And cleverly hidden in a garage next to a corvette. I mean, who's going to look at boxes rather than a corvette, am i right?

And the corrupt news media which is all of them will not cover DelawareGate.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Who do you want???

 Do you want some chickenshit rino republican for president?? Or  do you want a real man who will fight for YOU??

Listen to this guy. He tells how it is.