Saturday, September 30, 2023

Holy Crap. Did you hear about this?

Some asshole is following a guy around a mall and won't leave him alone, gets shot for his trouble. 

The guy got acquitted for shooting this butthole. Apparently he did get convicted of a lesser charge, but the article doesn't say what that is.

Why would you follow someone around and stick phones in their face? Doesn't he realize not every one in the u.s. is a woke liberal?

Let's see blogger censor this one.

 I tried to make a post showing congressional representative jamaal bowman committing a felony in congress. Blogger did not approve. Here is the link I was posting:

Democrat Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm in Cannon Building – OBSTRUCTS A FEDERAL PROCEEDING – Shuts Down Congress! – PHOTO RELEASED! – WHERE IS THE BIDEN DOJ?

I suspect what happened is that I used jamaal bowman's skin color in conjunction with his status of being from unmarried parents as an adjective. I don't think blogger approved as it immediately censored my post. 

He is a stupid person of color. He claims pulling the firealarm was to help him open a door. 


Well, fuck you again blogger.

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My Response:

Fred Horn

2:57 PM (3 minutes ago)
to Blogger
fuck you cocksuckin assholes. 

I think I will hit some yard sales today.

 We need a lot more than 15 days.

Friday, September 29, 2023

A Good Description

 I just heard the best description of joe biden:

If brains was gas you couldn't drive a pissant's go kart two laps around a cheerio.

Now does that not explain everything there is to know about this dementia ridden piece of shit?

And if you really think about it, that also describes every democrat in the fold right now.

Every woke sonofabitch liberal and/or blm type around has to wear earphones. Know why? They have to have directions whispered into their ears. 

Saying, Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breathe In, Breathe Out.

I got a feeling that might hurt.

Stolen from Woodsterman

Feinstein Dead at 90

 US Sen. Dianne Feinstein dead at 90

She was a gun control guru. She famously said, If I could I would say Mr. and Mrs. American give up your guns.

She also told first term Senator Ted Cruz not to lecture her on the constitution. Somebody needed to.

Meet who will probably be calif. next senator:

Gruesome newsom has said previously this is who he will appoint to the senate.

And what are the qualifications he is looking for? You guessed it. One, she's black. Two, she's a woman.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Southern Hospitality


We need MORE congresscritters like Byron Donalds. Listen to this guy.

 The more I hear this guy speak, the more I like him.

Governments gonna shutdown. Let's re-elect the same assholes to con-gress.

 Shutdown Imminent: Senate Stopgap Will Be 'Dead On Arrival' In House, McCarthy And Biden Not Speaking

The american people are getting hurt, somehow I guess, all because con-gress can't do its job.

The only people in con-gress who appear to have the interests of their constituents at heart are the so called HARDLINERS on the right.

Those hardliners have MY support. At least they are trying to get con-gress to do the job they were elected to do.

It looks to me like a large part of the problem is we don't have term limits. How long have some of these assholes been in their position of power? 36 years? 46 years? 

Feinstein been in so long she's having old age related issues. How about chuck u. schumer? How long's he been there? Cocaine Mitch?

Term Limits.

Gotta Love Em.

Last NIghts GOP shitshow

I didn't watch the debate last night, and won't watch any in the future. No point to having these at all in my opinion. Everyone already knows who they will vote for. If they don't know by now they shouldn't be voting. 

These shitshows, in my opinion, are all about showcasing any republican on stage as a nutjob extraordinaire so all the libs can rain fire and brimstone on them.

 Vodka Pundit on Last Nights Debate

Below is an excerpt from the article:

  • STEPHEN GREEN | SEP 27, 2023 11:06 PM EST

I'll let someone a little less exhausted and (hopefully) a bit more sober do the big wrap later on. But I can do a mini wrap.

Christie: On substance and delivery, reminded me of the pre-holding-hands-with-Obama Christie. But he's still dead to me and most GOP voters.

Haley: Was doing fine until she went into Pit Bull Mode. Off-putting, and not because she's a woman, but because she couldn't pull it off -- and shouldn't have tried.

Burgam: Strong on substance. Excellent cabinet choice.

DeSantis: The grownup in the room. Again.

Pence: Still can't explain why he's there.

Scott: Pence with a better backstory.

Vivek: Good one-liners. But he still comes across as the smart kid who memorized all the answers but doesn't really believe a lot of them.

Morning. How you today?


Scuzz Twittly - A B**ch Named Sue (Animated)---This is not suitable for work, play, general viewing etc. You have been warned.

Hick Off

An early morning phantasmagoria of stuff.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I don't think he has Her Vote


“We are devaluing American money so rapidly that in America today, you can’t even bribe Democrat Senators with cash alone! You need to bring gold bars to get the job done, just so that the bribes hold value!” Gaetz declared.

MIC DROP: Matt Gaetz Blasts Government Spending and Senator Bob Menendez in One Classic Line (VIDEO) 

This is like giving a crack head some crack and telling him This will get you off of crack.

 Go on over to 90 Miles and watch this video

GOP congress critter Burchett from Tennessee???

This is an interview with some cnn blonde bimbo.

I LIKE this guy. He lays it on the line to blondie about why he doesn't support this continuing resolution.

Memes for yesterday and Today


Sunday, September 24, 2023

Government Shutting Down Soon. Anybody out there give a good goddamn???

 When they say government shutdown what do they mean? I think 99.9% of federal employees are still on the payroll.

Maybe Billy Bob or Joe Dan up at the Dakota president memorial get told to go home. But I think everybody else is still there screwing the american people right, left, and sideways. Without benefit of lubrication either.

So when it comes to government shutdown I don't really care. 

Now if they were to ACTUALLY shut down government as in closing all of the congressional offices, irs offices, fbi offices, etc. etc. etc. I would go stand there, armed, to prevent any of these cocksuckers from going back in. Fuck em.

Here's a you tube of Maria Bartiromo and Matt Gaetz goin at it.

The 50's is Da Best


Well no shit. How many of you knew about this?


Here is some gifs for you.

The Clock Is Ticking on a Government Shutdown. Will the GOP Act? 

Couldn't get any of them to load. Go to the link and there's a bunch of gifs making fun of these assholes. 

Or I guess just being truthful.

"According to NBC News, military service members and federal law enforcement would be required to work without pay."

Well, that is a gotdamn lie. EVERY employee of the federal government gets paid. 100%. They may not get a paycheck right when they normally do, but when all the posturing and preening and posing is over and done with, they get all the money they are supposedly owed. 

I know that because I knew a couple of IRS agents back in the late 80's early 90's. There were government shutdowns then, they didn't get paid for a while, but in the end they did. 

Yes It Does.

 Also makes you a stupid dipshit.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wake up and Hear the Music

 Another good one sent in by John, our friendly Aussie. I wouldn't drink liquid while watching:

Friday, September 22, 2023

An Invasion of Locust Like Proportions

Friday Afternoon Statistic Dump – Border Patrol Reports Over 7.5 million Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. During Biden Term, 5.18 Million are Single Adult Males  

What is the percentage number lots of people tout? 3%?

That 3% of the population is what will stand up when needed?

Lets think about this. 5.18 million single adult males come into this country since dickhead biden was installed. All fighting age, maybe lots of military or militia experience. Maybe they are being co-ordinated right now. Maybe plans are being laid right now.

How many of their army was here before that? At a rough guess at least 1 more million, but probably more.

So these assholes got a trained ready made army just sitting there waiting to go mad max on us people. And we got clusterfuck milley with his rainbow warriors.

So assuming we can go from zero to fuck these assholes in a 24 hour period, how many of us can be expected to show up. Population of the usofa is about 333 million. Times 3% is just about 10 million people.

You really think 10 million gonna show up? I don't. And of those that do, how many of us are in shape to fight, or even have the knowledge of that to help out with.

This fuckface biden isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, and somebody somewhere is manipulating this hairsniffinbastard to do the deeds they want done. And they gettin all the brownskinned banditos they want.

Didja hear mexico's president wants to meet with biden? It's because his country is being, get this, OVERWHELMED with migrants comin to the good ole usofa. Wonder if he wants us to just fly em straight from their home country to new york city??

This is Pure Bullshit.

 If you can't define what something is, then why the pluperfect hell are you giving them a scholarship?

Demi gender? Agender? WTF is this happy horseshit?

Why does AMERICA allow this cockamamie horsecrap to continue?

One Culture vs Another Culture

 Sent in by Johno:

Thursday, September 21, 2023

I know this is satire, but somehow it doesn't feel like it.

 Nation Torn Between Party That Openly Supports Perversion And Party That Only Secretly Supports Perversion

"As disgusting non-hypocrites, it is our duty to be as shamelessly disgusting in public as often as possible until the indecent behavior is completely normalized"

This article is from the satire site Babylon Bee, but I'll be got damn if this isn't exactly what the damn democrats are doing.


Open pedophilia sniffing joe

Dragqueens controlling library children's story hours

Abortion on demand, some want a fetish facebook page about it

Naked parades

Shitting on the sidewalks

Wearing masks when alone in your car.

If you have more please leave them in the comments.

You will own nothing and be happy we let you.

 Amazon cancels a guy for what his Ring doorbell said

What did his doorbell say? "Excuse me, can I help you?"

Okay. Crap like this talking doorbell and smart home stuff confuse the hell out of me. Why would ANYONE, who is in their right mind, let SOMEONE ELSE control what goes on in their house? 

Or anywhere else for that matter?

I can understand wanting to know what goes on at your house. I want to know that too. But dammit Jim, you can not always know that.

When you have technology to control your house, and you are PAYING A FEE to a large behemoth company for that privilege, you are a slave.

Jesus H Christ, take that fee, find a homeless person, and give them that fee, a fifth of Jack Daniels, and a cell phone. Have them watch your house. At least amazon won't shut THEM off.

I don't think yet anyway.

UhHuh. Yeah Right.


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Who thought this was a good idea??

Colony Ridge: The ‘Fastest Growing Development’ In The U.S. Is A Magnet For Illegal Aliens 

Maybe Texas guvmint is having a sneaky idea. Get em all together in one spot, then drop a few tactical nukes on em. 

Of course that is tongue in cheek not in my ass. 

But shit is what this situation is. Not only do we actively BEG them to come here but we GIVE them things like welfare, drivers licenses, right to vote, let them be governors, etc.  But now we are giving them a place to live together and make their own little colony?

Fuck that, either send em home to fuck up their own country or kill em. I don't care which.

Republican Infighting

 Are House Conservatives Trying To Force McCarthy Out Via Shutdown?

I am glad that finally we have more than one republican who appears to be fighting the conservative fight. And I don't think it's kevin mccarthy.

It appears to me mccarthy is trying to be friendly to both sides. With democrats that can never happen, they will stick their thing in you without lubrication thousands of time.

Although this infighting is a bad thing, I have a hope, however small it may be, that possibly for the first time the whole of the house republicans may come together and start fighting FOR the american people.

If not, let the government shutdown. Let it STAY shutdown, we don't need it anyway.

Monday, September 18, 2023

The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions

Monday is not funday


Is this why U.N. helmets are blue??

 Blue things don’t burn when hit by DEW

Directed Energy Weapons. Do we have em? I dunno.

Do we use em? I dunno.

But I DO think if the u.s. guvmint has them, they are certainly gonna use them. Expecially with this crowd we got in charge right now.

If we have a weapon like that the assholes in charge gotta be drooling from their mouths, from their genitals, and from their asses. 

These guys would sell out every family member they got to control an energy weapon like this.

I'm surprised Mar a Lago is still standing.

Covid 19 Tips

 How to Remove Graphene Oxide From Your Body

Follow any advice in this article at your own risk, cause I don't know nothin bout removin graphene miss scarlett.

This is how it should be


Was the intent of founding our country to let government completely control the lives of citizens.

I don't think so Tim.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

This guy tells the truth.

I think this guy should hire seal team six to protect him after these statements.


You can't answer that??

No, they can't answer that. They don't WANT to answer that. They don't give a shit if all of that stuff happened or not.


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Whoopty Effin Do

 Breaking: New Mexico governor's carry ban rejected by federal judge, restraining order granted

Big effin deal, they are going to do as much as they can to go around this. 

These people actually believe they have the authority to ban guns.

I do not understand why supposedly intelligent people can not understand plain writing. 

The second amendment is clear, it is plain, it is specific. 

In addition to that, the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, no law of man can supersede the U.S. Constitution.

Everyone thinks that governments and agencies can impose gun control laws and regulations. Nothing can be further from the truth.

When each state joined this union, each state had to swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution. That means that each state is subservient to the constitution and is required to follow that law. They cannot violate the law of the constitution simply because they do not like what it says.

Gun control. The only way a gun control law can be made is thru amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Plain and Simple.

No batfe rules, no state governor executive orders, no congressional bill. None of that. Has to be done thru the amendment process, because the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. 

Unfortunately, the whole of the country goes along with the charade of governments having the authority to do as they please. So, we wind up with situations like this.

Senator Kennedy Speaks


Tuesday, September 12, 2023

How can I, as a sheriff, tell him to put his firearms away so he cannot protect himself?

 The sheriff of Bernalillo County New Mexico held a press conference and called new mexico governor grisham's ban of guns unconstitutional. 

He said he will not enforce that order. 

That's good.

I could rant and rave and say how all gun control laws are unconstitutional, but I won't.

Memes for Your Morning Epiphany