Saturday, November 28, 2020

Covid Cases?

Taken from The View from Lady Lake

The US was reported to have been hit with a record number of new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations on Thanksgiving Day after millions of people ignored warnings not to travels. 
According to the AP, there were at least 110,611 new infections Thursday - the 24th consecutive day cases soared above 100,000. Assuming an infection rate that's fairly stable at 3 %, that means - according to how this report is presented -  3 million people got tested in just one day? And that day was Thanksgiving when everything was closed? 
That's pretty fuckin' impressive, but they don't ever talk about this shit in context. Ever. I think, for whatever reason, it's mostly all bullshit. But that's just me.


  1. Data without context is open to wild supposition. That supposition may have political value.

    1. That's a short, compelling article. Should take 5 or six minutes to read.

    2. I read that, pretty interesting.

  2. All BS by Leftist leading up to their coop by pseudo-election.