Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Speed Limits

 Well, I guess my speed o meter on my truck is accurate. But that begs the question, where the hell am i, on a  california freeway or a damn racetrack?

Ever since those guys at the dodge dealership put that new/used computer in my truck, people have been driving much faster than me. I usually go 5 over the limit, but dam! that puts me about 10 mph slower than everyone else! Its like all of  a sudden I became like molasses, and am going soo slooow. 

I have checked the accuracy of my speed o meter with my cellphone stopwatch and the digital mileage indicator. That indicates that my speed o meter is deadnuts accurate.

I have also checked it by clocking my speed against the highway mile markers, and that is also deadnuts accurate, if my math is good.

Today on my trip to Santa Maria and back i had to go south down hiway 41, mostly a 2 lane road, 55 mph. Well, I had to go 80 just to keep up with the flow of traffic, and much of that STILL went around me like I was sitting still. One of those was a sprinter van, looked like it had logo county logo on the side, and i thought that sucker was gonna spread wings and liftoff. Once he got around me, he went around a curve and I never saw him again.

Makes me wonder if he went off the road like my father in law did back in the late 90's. 

Maybe everyone is trying to get away from the covid.

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  1. One unlooked for blessing about getting old is that you finally decide that you aren't in a hurry to get anywhere anymore.
    Go around me, I don't care anymore.