Sunday, November 8, 2020

Election Results


The Election Results


  1. Oh, we couldn't be that lucky to have the sweet meteor of death put it out of our collective misery...

  2. NO ONE HAS BEEN DECLARED THE WINNER...By anyone that actually matters that is...The Official declaration can NOT happen before December (unless there are legal challenges, then it may take longer). The only people who have claimed that Harras/Biden has won is the thoroughly discredited fake news and fake polls. They have been spectacularly wrong for the last FIVE YEARS...Why would ANYONE believe them now? Please remember who was declared as victor in 2000 right after the election by these same fake news idiots...That would be Al Gore. 37 days later the Supreme Court settle the question and George W Bush was declared (Officially) the Winner. Read that again, Thirty Seven Days...We are on day FIVE...The fun is just getting started boys and girls, time to strap in and enjoy the ride!

  3. No one has been declared winner, you are correct.