Thursday, May 23, 2024

At 6:02 on March 19 10 cars pull up to his home...

 The federal government once again shows their red ass. This video is about the weaponization of the gov. The witness is talking about the guy in little rock who got murdered by the atf.

All federal government, except our military, needs to be disbanded.

Fuck the government. All government. You fuckers day will be coming soon. Your necks are gonna get stretched.


  1. This case should be the one MSN should be watching closely rather than the Trump trial. And real answers from the people who are responsible for this, including the 'boots on the ground' people who were involved in this raid. Screen their identifies but real live words need to be said in response to Mr. Jordan's questions.

  2. The Deep State is deep and the MSM Democrat propaganda arm will remain silent. This insures the pathetic situation will not even be known by 90% of Americans and it die on the vine.