Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Are you a pocket knife aficionado??


The Coolest Pocket Knives

I don't know if these pocket knives are the coolest, but they certainly are different looking.

Of the ones in the article, the Decepticon and the Rike Thor don't look too shabby. The others listed I probably wouldn't take a second look at, but your mileage may vary.

I have carried a Buck 110 folding knife for a few decades now, and it has served me well.

What do you guys carry?


  1. Kershaw Oso Sweet. Inexpensive, safelok opener, pocket clip, and the blade is not made of garbage stainless.

  2. Cold Steel mid size Voyager

  3. A version of the Swiss Army knife is now being made that does not have a blade for sale in England.

  4. I'm a confessed knifaholic so one or even a couple of them just aren't enough for me. What I carry aren't necessarily the best (I work in an office environment (I don't need costly 'supersteels' to open a letter or open a package ).

    Generally a small multi-tool like a SOG Power Pint - Leatherman Micra or a basic utility knife equal end (Swiss Army Knife) is found in my pocket during the week. The super knives rarely get real air time - you lose too much money scratching them up.

  5. Case canoe [worked at Case from 77-82]

  6. For years I carried the original Leatherman. Then I went to a Buck 110. Now I carry a Kershaw.