Friday, May 31, 2024

Trump Shatters Fundraising Records After Rigged Biden Trial Verdict

 Trump Doubles his Previous Record

Because of this politically motivated verdict against President Trump, people have donated to his cause even more than before.  I have never donated money to presidential campaigns, and I am not going to do so now.

I am starting to think that we should no longer have elections for president. I think maybe we should have cage matches between the candidates. On pay per view.

More democrats are donating to President Trump. Including former Hillary voters

I am completely uncertain about the future of this country. I still believe violence, lots of violence will happen this summer and fall.

I don't see anyway around it. 


  1. It's gonna get real ugly very soon. Be prepared, be armed and be ready to permanently destroy individuals who are attacking you

    1. I believe you are correct. What's that old saying? Walk softly, and carry a big stick?

  2. Trump just raised $30 million? Simple solution for the left....Impose a $30 million fine on Trump. Repeat as necessary.