Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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A Relatively Easy Raised Bed Garden

I found this article about raised bed gardens at Rockin W Homestead.

I have never done raised bed gardens, but I have been contemplating doing so this summer.  My wife and I both don't like to bend over to garden, so I might try this.  But at the moment I have other fish to fry, so that will be put on hold for now.

With all the conflicting reports I see about The Covid and the effects our blind allegiance to social distancing and not letting people work is having, I think at least a small garden will be prudent this year. The price of those galvanized tubs will be a factor.  If they are very expensive then I might try something else, such as 5 gallon buckets, which I have an abundance of.  Do you need some? Just kidding, the freight would be horrendous.

In any event, go read the article and let me know if you will be doing that.

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