Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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Well, plumber came by again.  He used blue masking tape to mark off spots on the walls where he wants me to remove sheetrock for access to plumbing inside the walls.  He figures it will take 2 days to complete the plumbing.  That would be nice.

He will use something called pex pipe, which I am not familiar with. Any of you out there know anything about it?

The reason for doing this is because the old galvanized hot water pipe in the overhead of the laundry room is rusting from the outside in, and is dripping water all over the place.  Friday it spread to the cold water pipe and is about 1 foot inside the attic, where it was dripping down the interior of the pantry room wall. I had to jury rig a drain to make it go to the deep sink in the laundry room. I have never seen anything like this in my life.

And this is occurring during this Covid Crap. Fun, Fun Fun.

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  1. I am thinking that pex pipe is like PVC, but will expand and contract; will not burst if water inside gets frozen...I think...it has its own connectors, elbows; different than PVC. Obviously, it will not rust either.