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South Mississippi tornado | devastation

This is reposted from Crusader Rabbit.

Easter Sunday Storm 2020

Lost in the corona news cycle was the 3rd largest Tornado in US history. It cut a swath through central Mississippi 2-1/2 miles (4km) wide and 68 miles (109km) long and caused 14 fatalities. The storm featured sustained winds of 190mph+(305kph)  and was part of a seven state Tornado outburst that hit the area Easter Sunday resulting in a combined death toll of 38.
All the usual local and federal government agencies rolled out as well as an army of volunteers to begin clearing debris and helping people put their lives back together. Logger and Youtuber Cotontop3  was one of the men that volunteered their time and equipment to the task at hand. Short video shows some drone footage of the path and later in the video there are some close up views of the destruction on the ground.

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