Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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Now is the Time to Stock Up on Food and Water

While perusing the web, i ran across a you tube video that tells you 10 things you should buy now.  Talking about the violence that is here now and will definitely get worse before it gets better. 

They were saying buy lots of rice, lentils, beans and some other stuff.  I say okay, but what if i don't eat most of that stuff?

I can make myself eat rice, although i don't care for it much.  Now i will eat rice with beans and enchiladas, good stuff.  But white sticky rice at a japanese place, not so much.

So if you are of a mind to prepare yourself for the coming violence which will possibly disrupt the food transportation system,  I say stock up on foods you know you will eat.  

If you are interested in prepping, there are numerous blogs out there which will provide you with hours of recommendations.

But always tailor those recommendations to your individual situation.  

Think about water.  If these antifa goons start playing really rough they might sabotage the water system in your city. Not that hard to do really. Where I live we have several wells that supply this community with water.  Surrounded by chain link fence, easily cut to gain entrance.  Cut the electrical feed to the pump, go find a place to hide, shoot at whoever comes to fix it then slide away. Down for a couple days at least.

In the meantime you and your family have no water. Think about it, nows the time to stock up on some  bottled h2o.  You should think about water filtration also. When it comes back online it might not be good water. Buy a device called a water bob for your bathtub, lets you fill your bathtub with water not exposed to the elements of dirt and dust  in your domicile. Or dogs and cats.

Things to think about.


  1. the adage is prep what you eat and eat what you prep. unless you are buying long tern stable supplies, most of it has a shelf life. so eat what you prep, and replace what you ate. eat the oldest first so it gets rotated.

  2. Buy the beans and rice as well. If you get hungry enough, you'll ear a dog turd.

  3. I enjoy the inexpensive ramen packages, but the salt level of the packets are very high for such a small package. So what I do is use only about a 1/3 to 1/2 per meal, saving a sealed foil package per 2 meals. Then use the seasonings in rice or vermecelli meals. Many different flavors and if you add a small portion of meat, makes it a meal. I fry the rice before adding water, then cook over low heat over about 45 minutes, covered. Comes out fluffy and good, not sticky.

    The other preps are worth considering too - November is only two months away so prep if you feel like its necessary. Because this time - it probably is. And food never goes to waste - you gotta eat.

  4. My wife likes those ramen packages, I go for the cup o noodles. Beans and rice may possibly be lifesavers come january if this shitshow really gets going on nov. 3 like it has the potential to do. I usually put the rice in the freezer for 2 days to kill any potential bugs, hope that does the trick, got a lot of rice.

  5. We do the same thing before vacuum sealing one pound bags of rice and beans, Fred.
    Most other fruits/veggies and some meats get dehydrated before sealing.