Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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Tell Me Again That We Have a Pandemic??

Who in their right mind can say that we have a pandemic? Every day I see headlines that say somebody somewhere is breaking a record for coronavirus. 

I say bullshit.  I say it's all a political game, and they are simply trying to control us. Trying to manipulate the election, the economy, the stupid people into believing we all have to wear masks.

I have no doubt coronavirus is a bad thing. A friend of ours has it and may not live.  Young woman around 40.

But there is not the amount of people getting sick they claim to be.

Democrat-Controlled Chicago Spent $66 Million On A Coronavirus Facility That Treated 38 Patients—Total


  1. I agree. My daughter is a nurse on a Covid floor in San Jose, CA. Over a million people in San Jose and her floor has 8 patients! This is a ridiculous lie to control people and everyone is falling for it.

    1. Good to hear from boots on the ground with real info. Please keep us informed.