Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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I Had to Laugh

 A couple of months ago my grandson moved out of his moms house and into his own place. 

He has a full time job, and so he likes his days off when they come up.

I was on the phone with him a few minutes ago, and I had to laugh.

We were ending the conversation when he said "I guess I will go find something to do". So I said if you want you can come up here to my place and hang out with grandma while I am at work. 

And here  is where I laughed. He said if I do that then I have to put pants on!

Oh my gosh. Here I am laughing again.


  1. Hellz yeah, what good is being single if you can't walk around dressed only in your skivvies when you are in your domicile. During the lock down in the Spring, I wore only cargo shorts and no shirt. No socks or shoes either - dammit I'm working from home, leave me be.

  2. I figure the difference between a pair O drawz and a swim suit is about zero. We have a pool,, and I wear drawz an a cap and flip flops around,, Depending on who comes over, I sometimes throw on a real pair o shorts,, sometimes,,

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