Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
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Nuclear Generated Electricity

Electricity in california is a big concern this year.  Because of asshoe newsom and the dimocrats obsession with so called "green" energy production,  we don't have enough electricity when the weather gets tough on us, as it is doing this labor day weekend.

Asshoe newsom has signed orders letting the "dirty" energy producers off the hook of rules for a few days, just so california can have enough electricity for the weekend.

A lot of people in california would like to see more nuclear power plants.  They say "it is safe, cheap energy!"  

I say bullshit.  Just take a look at Fukushima.

I operated nuclear reactors for the U.S. Navy from 1970 to 1976.  Or rather I trained from 1970 to 1972, then on an aircraft carrier from 72 to 76. I guess they are safe, when things are done properly.  But who is to say things are always done properly? Hell, just take a look at Chernobyl.

On the ship, we routinely discharged radioactive contaminated water to the ocean, thousands of gallons at a time.  Fukushima at the present time is not discharging water to the pacific, but is putting it in holding tanks onsite.  By 2022 they will run out of holding capacity and will have to dump it to the ocean. Here is a link to a story about that.

So I say generate electricity with dirty coal and natural gas, supplement it with solar and wind, and put in some more hydroelectric plants.  Put solar panels on the roof of every house in california, and you will have a few metric shit tons of electricity during the day.

Anyway, I do not want nuclear power generation anywhere near me or my family.  I know, I'm a puss.  Oh well, comma.

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