Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
28 Years In the Water Treatment Industry

Most Americans know by now that November 3rd will be nothing other than the start of a hot civil war. The smart ones are planning for it.

 I was reading over at Free North Carolina, a state I am driving to starting Oct 1. Hopefully I will make it there in 4 days. 

While there I followed a link he had to this story: Vote for Trump, Prepare for War

I think the author of that article is correct, and that starting Nov. 3 this country will erupt in violence not seen in this country since the Civil War.

As they say everywhere I am reading these days, Plan Accordingly.


  1. That is a heckuva long drive. Have a safe trip, and watch your six.

    1. I am certainly going to do my best at that. And I will be watching for those assholes. Hope they don't block the freeway.


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