Monday, April 10, 2023

What a maroon she is.



  1. The words “man” and “woman” don’t appear in the constitution either. Nor does the word “democracy”.

    1. Nor do the words abortion, transgender or drag queen. In addition, We live in a Federal Republic.

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  3. Stupid is as stupid does and this illiterate child is the epitome....and this is a teacher??? No wonder this country is in the trouble it's in or this country is in the trouble it's in. The constitution was set up to protect the people from an overbearing like like idiots like her and her ilk are trying to push down our throats right now which is treason.

  4. This kind of thing must be downloaded to the typical Left-Wing hivemind. My 82-year-old mom, an OVER THE MOON Lefty who calls herself a "quasi-Socialist," says things like "The Second Amendment doesn't allow you to own an ARMY TANK; does it?" I say to her "No, it doesn't say I CAN'T own an army tank." She says "So you think it's OK for anyone to own an army tank?" I say "Indeed yes, if need be." ...And if things keep going sideways the way they are, having one in the barn might not be a bad idea...

    'Ever notice how all these "quasi-Socialists" spent their entire lives enjoying the benefits, freedoms, and liberties of our once-great country, but now somehow think WE shouldn't?... ...It never varies...

  5. Show me where in the Constitution it says I can't have an AR-15.