Monday, April 3, 2023

Energy prices are about to erupt higher, pushing inflation to new highs.

 Oil is already back at $80 a barrel, up from $66 per barrel a few weeks ago.

Both headlines are taken from the article.

Seems like the bidet administration is corrupt, but brilliant. They are using their brains to further destroy this country.

Evil. Pure evil at work.


  1. Biden prays at the altar of Greta Thunberg and Al gore, so it's part of the plan to drive people to electric vehicles.

    1. He's not praying. He's just fallen and can't get up... The devil already OWNS his soul...

  2. It has always been easier to destroy, than build.
    The democrat party is lazy and stupid, because it's easier.

  3. I can't add anymore more constructive then Bog and anonmousy...

  4. It always ends this way - grow the currency (through excess .gov spending) faster than the GDP, and the currency goes into the toilet.