Friday, November 24, 2023

Black Friday

 This morning I decided to go get a few items from the target store. I needed to mail my property taxes anyway so kill two bugs with one can of spray.

Mailed the bill went to target. Parked way the hell out in the back 40 cause that's where I always park. Only way I get any exercise is by doing that. Paid no attention to the blue million cars in the parking lot.

Get inside get a cart and think, Damn. It's busy today. Walking along I notice EVERY register is open. EVERY register is at least 3 deep in checkouts.

And then it hit me. Today is the day after. Holy Shit what was I thinking!!

Slowly I turned. Step by Step, Inch by Inch I return my cart to the cart center and nonchalantly make my way to the door. Where I proceeded to run like hell to my truck and go the heck home.

What was I thinking?


  1. Great routine. Personally I prefer the version by the Three Stooges.

  2. My grandfather lived in Paterson and grew up with Lou Costello