Friday, November 10, 2023

Some Pics

 We took a drive yesterday. Visited Lockney, the town I grew up in, not much has changed. They rebuilt the high school from where it burned down a few years ago.

Then we took a drive over to Quitaque Texas. Went to the Caprock Canyon State Park. When I grew up this was private property. Now it's a park. Go figure.

Saw some bison: 

Having a great time. More pics in a day or so.


  1. I drove south of that area on the way to New Mexico. I've never seen that many acres of tilled earth, and the amount of agribusiness. I think big city folks should be required to travel through those areas to see what it takes to feed their sometimes foolish ways.

  2. What do cars look like after colliding with those hairy cows, Vern? I expect the bison would shrug it off, and put a horn through the radiator before leaving the scene.

  3. Lived in Lubbock back in the mid-seventies, servicing equipment from Pampa/Borger to San Angelo/ Fort Stockton. It was an interesting time in my life. Dry counties with "member" clubs for booze. Irrigated cotton to the north and dryland farming south. For the bicentennial they drove a small herd of longhorns through various towns. Lubbock was main street on July 4. Watched them through the windows of Michaels bar and grill. great memories.

  4. Thanks for the update, Vern. it looks like you're having a good time reminiscing.

  5. Caprock Canyon is basically an extension of Palo Duro Canyon further downstream. Both have a very rugged beauty. I visited both many times back when I still lived in Amarillo before moving away in 1996.