Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Unexpected Consequences


You ever have one of those unexpected consequences things?

I did last night.

I went to add a piece of wood to my fireplace insert to keep the flames going. I picked up this piece of wood and it felt like a splinter was digging into the base of my bird flipping finger on my left hand. 

It started getting mightily uncomfortable so I transferred the wood to my right hand and immediately a little sucker just like that in the picture fell to the floor. A damn wasp stung me.

Where the hell did it come from. It was just sitting on the wood all that time from when I brought it in the house?

Sheesh. Cold water and neosporin fixed it right up though. 

The wasp died a horrible death I guess cause when it fell to the floor it did not move a muscle. That's what biting me gets ya. Probably afraid of bacterial infection.

When I was 10 years old I was farting around outside, and all of a sudden it felt like I got poleaxed and I fell to the ground. A wasp or something stung me in my right temple and I am here to tell you that cottonpickin flat out HURT!

I farted around a little bit more then I started getting uncomfortable, and my whole body started swelling up. Next thing I know I looked like the pillsbury dough boy. 

My arms were so swelled they stuck out about 45 degrees from my side and my legs the same. I was tremendously uncomfortable. It subsided in a few hours. 

That is an experience I don't care to repeat. 


  1. If you swell up after being stung you are having an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis kills people. You need to keep an EpiPen on hand and use Benadryl. You may never react again...or next time you are stung you could die.

    1. next time you are stung you could die.
      True even of people who have been stung a few times and never had a problem beyond the pain and local swelling. If you have looked like a Macy's parade balloon, you might have a conversation with your doctor. Last I heard,epi pens have gone from pocket change to a months groceries for two. A prescription and insurance might make it only as painful as two bee stings.
      Wasps and bees may not deliver the same kind of juice.. IDK.

    2. Modern medicine still doesn't fully understand anaphylaxis. Why some people react and some don't, why someone can react to something they have been exposed to multiple times. We just know it's real and anyone who has had an allergic reaction in the past is at higher risk.

  2. it's a yellow jacket, not a wasp, technically.