Friday, November 24, 2023

The Day After Yesterday



  1. Really tired of the attempts at guilt tripping people about the blasted grocery carts. The reason they are out there in the first place is because the kid who Used to carry the stuff out isn't there anymore. So, after I check myself out,, another point of me doing their job, I'm also supposed to use my energies and my banged up body to make it Easy on the store, minimize the minutes they have to Pay someone to go out and round up all the carts that have escaped the Cart Corral..?
    Being controlled by Should, which most people are, is bad enough. Trying to make people Think and Feel they should is crap.
    Yeah, I no longer bus my table at the Quicky Turd-Kit outlet, Unless the Kit they handed me was just Really good today. Then I might. It's not Keeping prices low.. It's just allowing lazy people more precious minutes to poke buttons on their stupid phones.

    1. The kid who carries stuff out. I completely forgot about that. They have been gone so long the fact they used to do that completely slipped my mind.

    2. I did that in high school.
      How long before we forget they used to have checkers?
      Rumor at the local grocery store
      We're getting new registers in a few months.
      I'm betting they will either go full self check or just have a couple for we the few who just don't want to do it.

  2. Returning carts to the proper place is in and of itself not a particularly big deal. What it represents is the person's character. Those who will do so are generally people who will do what's right. Those who can't be bothered tend to be self centered. The kind of people who are a drag on society.