Friday, June 26, 2020

Crazy Covid Times

I am seeing the news and hearing the news about how covid is making a resurgence everywhere and OH MY GOD! we have to do something---again.

I say it's all bullshit.  I don't believe covid cases are rising any more than they were doing before.  The assholes don't want us to be free anymore, so they are manufacturing this covid crisis again. And succeeding in instilling fear into all of us.

Wear your masks, stay 6 feet away, don't gather more than 12 people, but if you have more than 12 people be sure you are rioting, as that is the only acceptable large gathering we will let you have.

What is the solution to stop all this? Hell if I know.  For now, when you go into a store, tell em to stuff it on mask wearing. I told that to a teller at a gas station in Tracy, and I thought she was going to faint when I said that.  

Start checking your preps, how much food and water do you have? Can you last 3 months or more if the shit really goes south?

If you don't already have some spare cash, start socking some away.
Obviously, more is better. Buy some lumber, keep it at your house for boarding up windows, doors, etc. Maybe some rolls of plastic. 

I think by Nov. 3 this whole country is going to be tits up and needing a bath desperately. 

What do you guys think? Am I wrong?


  1. Nope, you are spot on! This will go crazy and a lot of death is going to materialize, the Grim Reaper is gonna be busy.

  2. No, you're not wrong.

    Our SoCal ICU has been full for a week-plus straight.
    Every COVID isolation cohort bed in the hospital is full.
    Every bed in the hospital is full.

    When we get someone either getting better, or dying, we move people out of the ER to the regular hospital.

    See if you can figure how that impacts care for heart attacks, strokes, trauma, and normal emergencies and urgencies.

    COVID didn't go anywhere, and people are acting like it's a myth.

    Which is why it's exploding, especially in places where it was relatively minor before.

    I briefly visited two neighboring states in the last month, and said then if Vegas and Phoenix were any indication, this thing was going to explode all over again.

    And now it has.

    The Gilligans of society FTW: Driving the Minnow onto the rocks every time they get the wheel.

    I figure when 49 other states are stacking up dead bodies in freezer vans like NYFC did, they'll suddenly grok how pandemics work.
    But it'll be too late then.

    And bear well in mind, the pandemic death toll is down around #99 on the list of the Top 100 Things To Worry About Because Of The Pandemic.

  3. While it never hurts to have cash on hand, I've noticed several places saying that cash is not accepted...card or contactless payments only.

  4. I hope that doesn't get fully implemented. I will wash my cash and sanitize it and hand it to them with gloves on if they wish. I do not like what i think could happen in a cashless society.

  5. There is no cure, and never will be, as it is a virus. Does a mask help? Dunno, probably not much. It's difficult to know what the truth is about the numbers. Does catching it and surviving build up an immunity? Dunno. That would be nice if it was true, although I have not personally read of anyone catching it twice...still, does the media cover up such things? Likely. It's a well known fact the flu vaccines may or may not help against flu...I think not, it just makes one feel better.
    Bottom line, we're pretty much screwed. I do not have the answer. stay at home as much as you can.

  6. Where I live I don't see any zombies running around. I go where I want and 99% of the time, no mask.