Monday, June 15, 2020

Will You Get a Second Coronavirus Stimulus Check?

If Lady Pelousy has her way, you may get a second stimulus check and a lot more.  She has a bill she's  trying to push thru for about 3 trillion of your dollars, but you will only get a trillion of that. I bet the rest goes to a whole plethora of liberal wetdreams.

Ol Bernie says everyone should get 2 grand a month, retroactive for 3 months.  Hell, if I had an extra 2 grand a month coming in I could retire. What are you assholes waiting on, get that bill passed!!!

Here is a link to an article at the Daily Wire about a second stimulus check.


  1. We are flushing down the toilet any way, might as well go faster... I am like you,I sure can use $1200 or even $2000 a month for awhile. won't hurt my feelings. I sure paid in enough when working as a nurse and being single for 23 years.

  2. Thats the truth. I have paid enough taxes over the years, I have no qualms about cashing any checks they send me. Right now I wish they would send my tax refund check. According to them, they have no information on that at this time.