Thursday, October 22, 2020

I Am Going Crazy

My wife has an ipad tablet, and she can call other people on that device if they have i-whatever it is stuff.

So I'm sitting here in what passes for my work area, the rear door is over my right shoulder about 2 feet.  My wife is in our living room, about 20 feet or so away. I start hearing a ringing coming from the rear door. I shut off the music i'm listening to and i hear a definite ringing coming from the rear door. So i jump up and run outside, turning on the outside light while doing so, cause i know some asshole gotta be outside my door and i'm gonna pull a jeffery toobin on him and yank his pecker off of his body.

I go out the door and the ringing fades away and then stops. So i'm wandering all over my backyard with my pocket flashlight hunting for this imaginary person. 

Go back inside and ask my wife if she heard the ringing and she said yes she was calling our daughter. The ringing i heard was coming from her ipad.

Now i got a conundrum. Do i yell at her for scaring the shit out of me, or do i turn myself in to an insane asylum?

1 comment:

  1. Tough call, Vern. Maybe just yell; one time only, and storm away.