Friday, October 23, 2020

Gov. Newsom Replaces Orange County Water Board Member Over Desalination Plant

 Down in southern california a company called poseidon water has been trying to build a gigantic saltwater desalination plant. I read an article on that several years ago, and had forgotten all about it. 

Turns out environmentalists and others have been slowrolling the building of the plant. Old gov newsroom here in california appears to be on the take from the company and has removed a water board member who is vocal in his opposition.

I don't know about the cost of desalinating water, but it is certainly more expensive than pumping it from the ground or purifying surface water. Hell, here in california more surface water leaves our state and goes to the ocean in one year than we could use in, what, ten years? I don't know the numbers but we send a metric shitton of water to the ocean every year.

Now they want to desalinate that water, and that will raise water rates to everyone. 

Here is the story.

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