Thursday, October 15, 2020


On the trip I recently took, I drove from calif to NC and back.  On that trip i probably saw a total of 30 political signs. On the way back to calif I saw 2 billboards for biden. One in New Mexico and one in AZ. One was of him in a convertible, and I swear he had a green face, waving at the camera. Sign said Ridin with Biden. Don't remember what the other was.

The other signs I saw were all Trump/Pence signs, banners, billboards. And most of those were in Texas. Rural Texas, I took some backroads. I think I saw one sign in NC maybe. I did see a guy at a gas station in Tenn. wearing a Trump MAGA mask.

Anyway, as political as this year is, i expected to see a lot more signs. The ratio of signs biden to trump, and the ratio of supporters at events biden to trump, lead me to believe President Trump will be re-elected. 

I certainly hope that is the case. But just in case that isn't the case, are you prepared for what may come? I don't know exactly what I mean by that, but I do think it will get sporty.


  1. come to western montana, trump signs every where. One Biden sign

    1. I would love to visit, unfortunately not able to at this time