Monday, October 12, 2020



Are there any auto mechanics out there who use these high dollar tablet style computer diagnostic machines?  If you do, would you recommend a certain one? Such as the one pictured below? I am thinking of getting one to do more of my own repairs. But I don't want to spend a couple of grand on one then realize I should have gotten something else. This one pictured is about $1600.


  1. Being in the business for 37 years has taught me plenty. Most of these systems are okay, and I will stress okay.
    As what I work on has fairly narrow criteria (lately it is just Cummins, Caterpillar, Allison, Meritor Wabco and Bendix - about $9000 per year plus lap top for me), I have resorted to subscribing to proprietary systems. Systems from companies such as Autel, Dearborn, Mac Tools, Snap-On and such with have varying levels of access and programmability in relation to your vehicle. Some require periodic renewal of subscriptions for even the most basic of interface access and tech support should you require it.
    Please post what you would be looking to do in relation to your vehicle or if you are looking to work on more than one. Extreme caution must be exercised in any purchase of this equipment, as it may be $1000 today and only worth $1 in three months if it breaks or the supplier makes a newer and better one with no trade-in consideration for you.

    1. At the moment, I am looking to diagnose my 2003 dodge dakota that the dealership screwed up, and an electric laboratory garage thought they fixed, but didn't. It has a bad deal where it starts, and if if try to drive it acts like it is not getting gas and runs really rough then it will take off and go. Dealership caused this by trying to reprogram a replacement computer for my truck. Anyway, I am the answer guy for auto repair for my extended family, so i would like something better than my 20 year old actron scantool. A few dodges, a couple fords, and an acura. I am wary of buying items like this without knowing for sure whether they will work for me, which is mainly general diagnostics. My most recent episode was diagnosing my grandsons 2001 durango which had a no bus communication situation. I did not need one of these tools for that but I think it would have helped. Bought a computer from a company called flagship one in new york, they flashed it for us, and it worked and he is now driving his car instead of mine. Please email me at if you would like more info.