Friday, May 5, 2023

Just when you thought you had heard everything. Along comes Shenis.

 He/She just wants to be loved.

Sent in by Johno. Thank you.

When you watch this, put a pillow on the floor to keep from hurting your jaw.


  1. I saw about 3 seconds. That was about all I could stand.

  2. Wow. I don't know. Maybe lesbians prefer WOMEN, and YOU ARE A MAN...a mentally ILL man at that. I don't understand what fears keep some women from liking men, but given that, why would any of them want a man that thinks he's a woman? A "shenis?" You mean a penis you deceptively need to rename because of your overwhelming fear of facing life as a man? Hey, dude, figure out what horrible things your mother, father, uncle, friend, etc. did to you to make you so hate your manhood and the prospect of facing life as a man, and work through them. Otherwise, those same issues are going to plague you until your death from natural causes or your own hand. Time to MAN UP and get over your issues.