Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Regulators and Industry Warn of Summer Blackouts in Good Ole USofA

It's also a reminder that green ideology is no substitute for the ability to flip a switch and have the lights come on. 

MAGA----Make America Generate Again.

Electricity that is.

TPTB are warning of potential blackouts in North America this summer. Isn't that the biggest bunch of hogcrap you have ever seen.

We used to be the best country on earth. No more. All because of idiot democrats shoving GREEN down our throats.

They always preach diversity. Hows about diversifying back to an energy plan that works?

If you want to prepare for emergency, i.e. potential blackouts, look into those solar generators. The lady who cuts my hair is buying something like this.

But I don't think these last as long as the claims they make. I ran into a guy buying a Jackery brand solar generator. That unit claims to run a fridge for 3 days without recharge. Good luck with that.


  1. People want the lights to come on when they flip a switch, but then vote for DE-generates...

  2. People don't realize its all connected. They are destroying things on purpose. Like the spoiled child that trashes his own toys in a tantrum.

    I bought a 13kW PTO generator for my tractor, and a fuel storage tank. I'm good. The little 5000W lawnmower-engine powered jobbies do a pretty good job for 4-6 days, if you can get fuel. Will run all your essentials. Buy some thick extension cords if you don't already...

    1. Har4bor Freight has some 12 gauge 50 foot cords with 3 outlets