Sunday, May 21, 2023

How many months in a russian prison did it take??

Brittney Griner Changes Her Mind About Standing for America’s National Anthem and All it Took Was Months in a Russian Prison 

Lots of folks think we should have left her there. I am one of them.

Standing for the flag. To me that is an honor. 

To those who don't stand, go away boy, ya bother me.


  1. The WNBA is a fiscal disaster at that selfish bitch wasn't helping profits.
    I suspect she was spoken to about her activity.

  2. Fred, I really want to hear more of that incident with the cuckolded cop. Have you ever seen a more “Oh, shit!” moment captured on live video?
    That copper must have very good self control, unless that’s why the clip ends where it does!


    also read somewhere someone complaining Harris isn't being lauded for going to the game

  4. Lotsa people don't agree with referring to Griner using feminine terms. I'm absolutely in that group. I enjoy your site, thanks for doing this.