Thursday, May 4, 2023

What to do with GREEN ENERGY WASTE???

 CBS accidentally commits journalism with honest "tsunami of renewable waste" report

Who didn't see this coming??? (I still can't type worth a shit. But at least now I can use one finger on my right hand.)

Watch the video. See the caterpillar covering the blades with dirt?? Are they going to plant potatoes there now??

This is my beef with nuclear plants also. Whaddaya do with the radioactive waste?? Bury it in a salt mine??

I don't know if this is the law of unintended consequences at work, or the people behind this just don't give a shit.


  1. Reactor waste can be reprocessed to a mixed oxide (Pu 239 and U 235) which can fuel a proper designed reactor. The enviros of course hate this as it defeats their goal of total ban of atomic power.

  2. Nobody cares about anything beyond "do the lights come on," and "does my car start." For the cars, they ONLY care that nothing is coming out of a tailpipe, regardless of how much pollution is coming out of the smokestacks of the power plant, or how many little children toil in slavery to help mine the raw materials for their car.

  3. Humans don't create nuclear waste. It is the leftovers from mining, concentrating and using naturally existing elements found in the planet. So the solution to what to do with these elements is to put them back into the a depth they no longer pose a risk to living things.

  4. ...So the turbine blades are ground up... and BURNED... The solar panels are rendered down to aluminum and glass, which must be SMELTED... with FIRE... to re-use... And NOTHING is said about the actual solar cell waste at all... You JUST.CAN'T make this stuff up!!!

    Wait 'till all those EV batteries start piling up!!!

  5. Nuclear waste is put into special "leak proof" barrels, are taken out to the ocean, and dropped to the ocean floor. No shit.

  6. Actually, burial in a salt mine is a good idea for long lived waste. The salt is millions of years old yet still in crystal form so there is no chance of any radioisotopes migrating to a water table.