Thursday, August 17, 2023

Apparently Cash is Not Allowed In this Store

 I think this man has the right approach. If they won't take cash, leave it anyway, just be sure to include applicable sales tax.


  1. This appears to be in Britain. So the laws there probably support the merchant in declining to accept cash. In the USA there are no laws requiring merchants to accept cash. They are free to formulate whatever payment system they choose. The means anyone refusing to use their methods who takes merchandise is defacto guilty of theft even if they leave cash. This Is all part of the goal of ending cash completely.

    1. US Currency clearly states that is legal tender for ALL debts, public and PRIVATE. An offer of US currency to discharge a debt, if refused, means the debt is cancelled.

  2. US Federal Reserve Notes still say "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private".

  3. Fucking airports been doing this for some time now-no cash, only debit / CC.
    TSA you into their lair, then it's $6.00 for a bottle of water that's cheaper than that for an entire case.
    I used to fly all the time, and enjoy it, but fucking hate what the .gov has done to air travel, and avoid it whenever I can now.