Tuesday, June 18, 2024

A 2nd Amendment Story

 The Window War

This is a story written by Mike Vanderboegh, and was posted at a place called Sipsey Street Irregulars, that I believe is defunct since 2016.

The date this story was posted over there was Feb. of 2009. So the story is a little dated, but I think the premise still holds true.

I found the link to this story in a comment to an article I was reading titled 

Why Is Idaho Ordering Farmers to NOT Use Water for Their Fields?

I haven't been following this controversy. Apparently Idaho farmers are getting water shutoff to about 500,000 acres.  Which have already been planted. Because they are supposedly running out of water.

But apparently that water is now going to a cobalt mine. And the money for the cobalt mine is coming out of the ukraine money. 

Watch the video, it's short and explains a lot.


  1. Here in the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District in NE Nebraska we had a manager who convinced the directors that water meters were needed to manage the amount of irrigation water used by farmers in the district. There are some areas in the district that have poor domestic wells so all of us were targeted and told we could only use X amount of acre/inches per crop year. Turned out that less acre/inches were being used than the manager theorized and the aquifer is not dropping after test wells were installed. As a matter of fact, I was asked to make several 24" to 36" pipes to install on the tops of the test wells as the water level was too high and water was running out the top of the well pipes. The manager is gone now as is the current attempt to shut off our irrigation wells.

    1. Sounds like it turned out okay for you guys. I think they are trying to get that same water meter thing for wells going out here.
      Thank you for reading my blog.