Monday, June 26, 2023

Have you checked the prices of cars lately?

 I am playing around with the idea of selling my two dodge dakota pickups. One is an 03 and the other is a 99. Both are high mileage but in relatively good condition, but both need tires, which is fodder for another pricing post. $1200 out the door for 4 tires??

I am considering purchasing a 96 or older pickup. But jesus h cristo have you checked the prices of ANY kind of vehicle lately?

A 2022 pickup for $72,500!!! 

Who in the hell is gonna pay THAT much for a damn VEHICLE???

And God forbid I want a 72 C10 for $24000!! And that is not an aberration, they are almost all like that.

Here is one that appears to be reasonably priced. Until you see that it is a 1994 year model. Holy crap, a1994??? For that much money??

I guess I should quit whining. But it just pisses me off.

Sorry. Rant over.


  1. Just put 5 33X12.50

  2. Just put 5 33X12.50 R15s on my 89 Toyota truck $1800. As for C-10s they are very popular among the hot rod community. Personly I'd keep the Dakotas unless they have body rot.

  3. My '72 VW Beetle cost me $1,800 + $200 sales tax. It lasted 10 years and I sold it for $800. I had it rigged with a roof rack for my Grumman aluminum canoe and a rear bike rack that carried 2 10-speed bikes. Changed tires a coulple times and 4 with ballancing & install was about $150.

  4. That '94 has only 101,000 miles on it. In 29 years ? That has been babied. That may be the original paint, meaning it was under cover as well.

    My 2000 GMC has 215,000 for example. With some luck, maybe another 50,000 - 75,000 on the odometer.

  5. I keep seeing that the bottom will be falling out of the used car market "any day now"... And they are a bit more realistic than this time last year, but... Looking for a reliable car for my kids, but nothing in both the reliable and affordable circles to be found...

  6. 'Was talking to a guy on the ham radio last week. He was looking for a truck but ran into the same heart palpitations you did when he saw the prices! Then he asked me about my truck; a 2004 Ford F250 crew cab long bed turbodiesel with ...43000 miles on it. Yup... 43K actual miles on it. I only use it when I need a TRUCK. He punched in the numbers and found that the thing is worth more than I paid for it in '06!!! ...It had 14K miles on it then... THE TRUCK IS 19 YEARS OLD!!!

    The price of EVERYTHING has gone to the moon. ...I'm not into space travel...

    I'm not a huge fan of MOPAR products, but the Dakotas were pretty good. If all they need are tires, I'd keep the trucks!

  7. Dude, get on EBay and start looking for new tires, you will be shocked.
    I looked up four new mud tires to fit my 93 Dodge 3/4 tom four wheel drive.
    I can get all four four what they want for the price of one, mounted and balanced, at Les Schwab.
    Free shipping too.

  8. I just bought a 2021 Ram Classic 4x4 with 18K for a little under $33K. Still got 18K or 14 months on the warranty.
    I think that I could have done worse.

  9. Local boy here was trying to sell his Dodge pickup on the side of the road. 15k, FIRM!
    Then it was 12,5k FIRM, Runs as it shoukd, great truck!
    Couple weeks ago he had 10k on it, haven't seen it on any of the empty corners people try to sell cars from lately.
    Betcha someone offered him 8 or 9.
    Just because the sticker has a number on it, doesn't mean thats the price.
    I can't fathom paying house prices for a vehicle. I don't think many people are. The last car I bought from a dealer had a sticker of 28k, I paid 23. With 8% tax.

  10. "Cash for Clunkers" took a lot of good used cars off the market completely.
    Can you say "Conspiracy Theory"?