Thursday, June 15, 2023

Wait. WHAT?

Guy gets accused of racism by his doorbell… Amazon shuts down his smart home… 

Link is found at IOTW Report

To begin, WHY WOULD ANYONE WILLINGLY LET AMAZON HAVE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING IN THEIR HOUSE? Let alone Anything in their house. Do they pay a fee for this?

This is simply beyond my ken. Or barbie for that matter.

Is the people really that stupid, or am I, in my old age alzheimer dementia ridden barely able to use my right hand state that far out of touch. 

No wonder this country is so screwed. 

Instead of having the can do mentality of our forebears, we have the please do this for me democrat jackoffs.


  1. Hell,I'm reluctant to buy Energy Star appliances, there will be no Alexa in our house. Knowingly handing control over my house to someone else? So not happnin..

  2. The questions that should be asked: "Why does Amazon think anyone granted them authority to be the thought police?" and ""How many of us can pile on to the lawsuit?"