Friday, June 30, 2023

It's hot today, so I am lazy.

 I am  staying inside my house. Got all the drapes closed, all the lights off, the air is on, fans are on. 

I'm just chillin. Supposed to get to 106 today. Got the freezer in the garage defrosting. Note to self: when I buy a freezer make sure it has automatic defrost if available.

So I'm sitting on my couch reading a story at Paw Fiction on my phone.

This is a story about government gone bad. The locals have to go and get rid of the femanazi people. So when they get there, the main character throws two skunks into the house to get the femanazis to run outside. And they do.

But this makes me remember. When I was working for the boiler company in the 1980's I was called out to a local chicken ranch to get the hot water boiler started again. It wouldn't run and the poor little chickies were getting cold.

So I'm working away and the ranch manager is talking to me and he starts relaying a story about a skunk getting into a chicken house last summer. Now bear in mind these chicken houses are about a football field long and about 50 feet wide.

So this skunk was leaving mayhem and dead chickens every night.

So this manager stays up with the chickens one night and here comes this skunk out of a hole in the wall. When the skunk sees the human it turns tail back into the wall. I asked the guy what he did then?

He looked at me and said I engaged in Hand to Gland combat. I tore that wall open and went in after the skunk. Couldn't get my body in there but I got enough in to grab that skunk.

I don't remember the story after that, but I do remember laughing my ass off at him. And at the satisfied look on his face as he recounted the exploit.


  1. Food lasts longer in the freezers that aren't frost free. Chest freezers don't dump the cold in the floor.

  2. Frost free uses a lot more electricity

  3. Which story are you reading with the skunks? I don't remember running across that one on that site.

    1. In the completed stories, it's called Bob's Story. The part with skunks is close to the end. Just a few paragraphs.