Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Suggestion

 Visibly Angry Ted Cruz Becomes All of Us While Laying Into the Deputy Director of the FBI

The fbi has distinct disdain for americans. They think they they are above the law. As of right now they are above the law, they cannot be held accountable.

Or can they.

If some liberty minded individuals were to arrest, say, the deputy director of the fbi, publicly or privately, and then conveniently forgot where they put him, maybe that would help. 

And a week or so after that arrest director wray, then whoever else is in that chain of command.

It actually doesn't have to be law enforcement, maybe some enlisted army rangers, or marine recon.

But if fbi directors kept disappearing, they probably wouldn't  get the message, but it would be oh so satisfying wouldn't it?


  1. Bodies dangling from DC overpasses would be wrong, right?