Sunday, June 11, 2023

Is it practical?



  1. It's simple; "our betters" don't want us driving AT ALL.

    Also, figure this in; if you have a flashlight, it takes AAA, AA, C, or D batteries. The keyfob for your car,... no matter WHAT BRAND of car you drive, is most likely powered by a CR2032 battery. Now let's look at the current crop of crap being shoved down our throats. EVERY.SINGLE battery-op electric car, lawnmower, edger, drill, saw, blower, or whatever, has its own type of battery. You cannot use a DeWalt battery on a Makita power tool. Even within brands, there are differences in batteries which make them non-backward/forward compatible. And CARS??? FUGGETABOTTIT!!! When you EV battery dies, so does the car, with replacement of the battery costing more than the car is worth. Long story short, programmed obsolescence is baked into the cake, with all those batteries becoming instant HAZMAT. ...SO GREEN...

  2. Watching The Same People who have been Nothing BUT Wrong keep shoving their ideas onto a society that is asking questions they can't answer and hollering Slow Down, knowing they are going to drag us all into their obviously faulty ideas,just like the Jabs,the Trans crap, the wars, and I just don't understand Why We are never able to STOP them before it's too late.. Ohh,the windmills,, absolute eyesores and Not even close to delivering enough electricity to justify all the materials and mining and the blades that can't be recycled and the birds and insects they kill. Always Wrong, Never in Doubt. And unteachable.. They already know everything.

  3. There are industries where battery powered vehicles are beneficial and safest, i.e. forklifts operating inside coldrooms, operating close nearby workers in a warehouse, et cetera. For all other cargo movement i.c.e, power is most practical and efficient.
    For rail transportation, all except for commuting in the largest cities, Diesel power is best. For mass transit or road cargo, Diesel again best.
    The only battery-powered transport that would be a great idea is for politicians and climate activists when flying to global warming summits.

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