Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Well heck. Just when i thought I could start breathing easy.

Blind mystic Baba Vanga makes terrifying nuclear disaster prediction for 2023 

I found the link above at Shenandoah

Holy crapola batgirl!! If even one of that womans predictions for 2023 come true we is in a world of hurt.

For the nuclear plant explosion part i put my money on fukushima.

If two of them come true I haven't prepped enough. 

If she hits the trifecta, it's buh bye baby. We gon go the way of the dinos.

And maybe this is what we need. Cleanse the planet of us stupid homo sapiens and let the roaches and ants duke it out, winner takes all.


  1. I would vote for the Zaphira (spelling?) Nuke plant in Ukraine everyones been on about since the war began. Activity surrounding it for one, the neocons in the west make 2 (they'd blow it up in a heartbeat and blame putler), lastly BabaYaga said the radiation would hang over Asia... Japans already at the easternmost end, radiation will blow out to the ocean.

  2. Basically it's a better option than seeing Biden get another 4 years in the White House