Monday, June 19, 2023

Holy crap, that would be a bad day.

 I made a trek to the local ATM today to deposit my paltry state tax refund check.

There was a lady just pulling out, and when she saw me she said that machine just stole about $500 from her. She couldn't get in touch with them by phone, because of this stupidly idiotic juneteenth holiday. The credit union was on holiday.

She was trying to deposit cash. Which makes little sense to me.

Anyway, the machine took her $580 of cash but only gave her credit for $80. 

Last week I went to that machine to withdraw some cash and some guy was there so I waited on him to finish. And waited. And waited some more.

After10 minutes I packed up and went to dollar general just down the street. I was there about 45 minutes.

Drove back to the atm and the guy was still there. Another guy was talking to him. As the second guy was leaving he came over and told me the machine had screwed the first guy on a deposit of three grand in cash.

So I left.

I deposit checks, but not cash. I don't think that machine likes cash.

Hope they get their money back.


  1. In a time where interest paid out by banks is in the 0.0 something %, you would think banks would be bending over backwards to keep their depositors. Not the case. Many banks appear to be making finding an open teller a challenge. If its cash being transacted, I want a person, not a machine.

    I also hope they receive their money back too.

  2. Its almost as if they don't want people to use cash? Like they are deliberately trying to make it inconvenient, so people won't want to use it, and will scramble at any alternative that makes their life easier.
    So many sheep....